Randy’s Stocking Cap Pattern

This is a variation on Schwartz’ Stocking Cap, changing the colors to match Randy’s cap (“How does the piggy go?”) and to make it larger for a grown-up’s head. If you want to make it for a kid, just cast on the number of sts for Schwartz’ cap (76 sts) and if you want to make Schwartz’ cap for an adult, CO 94 sts.


Randy’s Stocking Cap
(adult sized)

1 skein each Lion Brand Wool-Ease Grey, Navy & Maroon (or any worsted yarn in those colors)
#7 40″ circular needles (or dpns if you don’t Magic Loop)
darning needle
pom pom maker or piece of cardboard

18 sts x 24 rows = 4″ in stockinette

Adding rows between decreases will make the hat longer. I decreased every 6 rows for the adult hat, 4 rows for the kid hat. The adult hat is VERY long, hitting a 6’4″ man at his rump. Change the number of rows in between decreases for longer or shorter hats.

I knit this in the round using the Magic Loop method. It could as easily be knit using dpns.

I also used the ‘jogless jog‘ when changing colors.

CO 94 sts with Grey.
Work in 1×1 rib (K1, P1) for 3″ (20 rows).

*Switch to stockinette and K 10 rows.
Change to Blue. K 10 rows.
Change to Maroon. K 10 rows*

Color changes continue at these intervals for rest of hat.

Approximately 10″ into hat, depending on size of head being knit for, decrease every 6 rows. At beginning of decrease round, K2TOG, K to last 2 sts, SSK. Continue decreasing until 6 sts remain. Break yarn & weave through remaining sts.

Make pom pom with all three yarns (TIP: hold one strand of all three yarns together when winding the pom pom for them to mix randomly) and attach to tip of hat. Weave in loose ends and do Randy proud. And trust me, Daddy’s not gonna kill Ralphie.



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30 responses to “Randy’s Stocking Cap Pattern

  1. Cute!! Now where is the modeled shot?

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  3. Lisa

    Well- this is just incredible! That is my favorite Christmas movie ever and I have watched it a hundred times and never noticed the knits! Great idea! My brothers will be getting Randy’s hat for Christmas…..

  4. Carissa

    Hi! I am wanting one of your cute Randy caps for my best friend…however, I am not good at all with my hands. Would you know where I can purchase one of these? I went to the Christmas Story website, which is her favorite movie, and they sell everything but these! While scouring the web, I’ve seen ones similar, but made of fleece. If not, thanks anyways…she still loves my individually wrapped rice crispy treats in her stocking Christmas morning!

  5. Lisa Bowden

    Thank you so much for this pattern! Would you mind if I asked your opinion about something? My son wanted his hat to reach almost the ground (he’s a teenager) so I am decreasing every 10 rows instead of 6. It’s so heavy and wide! Right now it hits the bottom of his neck. Was the hat you made heavy? There’s just so much wool? Was it too wide?

  6. heather

    i love your stocking cap patterns so much!!! i havent attempted it yet, but im off to buy the right size needles today:D it looks like a real easy pattern to follow, if i can keep track of how many rows i make and where to decrease haha!! (im somewhat new to knitting hehee)
    i have one question though, your pattern calls for skeins of yarn, any idea how much a skein is? im used to dealing with balls of yarn a certain gram weight, or ounce weight…
    once again, very awesome patterns 😀 thanks so much for posting them!!

    *heart* heather ;)~

  7. Terri

    Do you make this cap and sell it? I love it!

  8. linda

    I’d love to buy one!

  9. My teenage daughter wants one. Is there anywhere i can purchase one?

  10. anthony

    do you sell that cap? I need to have one

  11. Catie

    Just found this pattern while looking for a hat to knit for my dad. This is so cute! I’m fairly new, but this doesn’t look too complicated for me to tackle. I have no clue how to do the magic loop method, but I was curious if this would be something I could knit on like a 16″ circular needle (and then probably switch to DPNs when I started decreasing)? Oh well, I’ll try it anyway – already have my yarn on order! 🙂

  12. Courtney

    Does anyone know where i can find a crochet pattern for this hat? I’ve been sitting here for hours trying to find a hat pattern like this but i can only find it in knitting. Pleeeeease let me know.

  13. Lou

    Does anyone have this or one like this long stocking cap fin crochet pattern. Some of us don’t knit.

    Thank you, Lou

  14. Bob

    Just wanted you yo know, I have JUST started Knitting and find it kinda hard to even make a square dishcloth. this is my goal. to make a long stocking hat. YOU ROCK!

    I have found that Knitting is NOT an old woman’s club and I am finding liberation in the fact that Men are just as interested in knitting as well.

    • Cierra

      amen bob amen!

    • Bob, the thing that is so good about knitting is that it is so therapeutic, &you have a sense of accomplishment when you finish a project. I have been knitting since I was 11 years old and I am 56 years old. I have made 6 Randy’s caps. I have made several different color combinations. The one color yarn I like is Peruvian print. I made 3 with that yarn, but used ten rows of pink, burgundy, and real teal in the 1×1 rib. I have pictures on my cell phone of this cap. I also made one in the variegated yarn called rambling rose. Enjoy your new found hobby of knitting!

  15. Cierra

    This movie is my Dad’s favorite Christmas movie of all time. (Let’s just say he can quote it without it even being on!) Recently my mother and I learned to knit and my dad has wanted one of these hats. I love the pattern and may be making several for my students at church as well. Love the patterns thanks for posting it!

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  17. betty ann thornton

    my grandson wants that hat made in orange and black for snow-boarding great pattern thanks

  18. Victoria

    Need this pattern in crochet for people that don’t know how to knitt…….
    I Love this pattern but i can’t knitt……

  19. Hi, I have a question for you. I like knitting stocking caps with variegated colors, how would I go about the pattern for that? I have made three Schwartz’s hat and working on a 4th hate. The first three I knitted them in Red Heart Peruvian print variegated and the 4th is in Rambling Rose. Please email me at crochetwit2000@yahoo.com. Thank you. I love your patterns!

  20. I have finished the 4th Schwartz’s cap and am working on a 5th for a friend of mine’s Nephew, and he is 5 years old. He wants it red and purple. I am in the striping part of the pattern. Looks good sao far. Only doing red and Purple not the 4 colors you suggested.

  21. I just finished, well I’m going to make the pompom now a Randy Hat for one of my 7 grandsons AndyBo…with a name like that can’t you just imagine how much fun he is to be around! He’s gonna love it!!!

  22. Gabi Mattheis

    Hi! So I really love this pattern and I have started making one. As I am a little bit new to knitting, I’m not sure if I just missed where you said this or if there’s some term that tells me in your instructions, but how many stitches to I decrease by each time?

  23. Claire

    I am so excited to find this pattern. My husband begins chemo in a few weeks, and I wanted to knit him a special hat. We are big Tim Burton fans, so I’m going to make this hat in black and white stripe. Thank you for posting it!

  24. Kim Bennett

    I’m not sure what the abbreviation SSK means. Can someone tell me please.

  25. Brenda

    Kim, slip, slip, knit. Slip two stitches, one at a time from the left needle to the right needle. Insert left needle into the two stitches and knit together.

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