In case you care…

That’s Hubbo and me. We live on our 37′ sailboat with Fred the Cruising Kitty (you see, in the sailing community, people who take their boats long distances just for fun are called “cruisers” and the money you save to take said cruise is called the “cruising kitty”. Fred probably wouldn’t fetch much on the open market but he’s worth a million bucks to me!).
Having dreamed of being a writer all my life — well, right after the ballerina, zoologist, Macy’s buyer, psychologist, and model/actor dreams — we postponed the cruising we’d been doing on the West Coast so I could take my dream job as a “professional photojournalist” (cough cough) at Latitude 38, a very popular Bay Area sailing rag. We’ll be in Sausalito for a few years while I “hone my skills” (“fake it” is more like it) so if there are any Sausalito/Mill Valley knitters out there, let’s hook up — no, I don’t crochet, not that there’s anything wrong with it!


5 responses to “In case you care…

  1. Your blog is beautiful and I love all the photos. Thank you for sharing about yourself!

    I miss the ocean here in the interior of Alaska so I will come back often for a “fix” of the amazing Pacific Ocean.

  2. Found your blog while looking for other knitters who sail. Loved looking through it. What 37′ sailboat do you have? We have a Crealock 34. We haven’t lived on her for longer than 2 months at a time but not by choice. Of course, we are on the other coast and have sailed from Maine to Georgia on our boats and FL and the Bahamas on my inlaws boats. Also, love it when we can get ahold of a Latitude 38 (my husband lived in Vacaville and kept his J22 in SF Bay). Anyway, looking forward to reading more.

  3. I cannot believe the number of knitting sailors out there.
    Me, I’m landlocked, but counting down. (the years). We’re heading to Annapolis in two weeks, doing some prelim shopping for our new home.

  4. Lee

    I came across your website some time ago, and, being a new knitter (but long-time crocheter), I loved when I found your Christmas story-type hats, which seem to be easy enough for a beginner such as myself. I have been looking for patterns exactly like that for a number of years, and when thrilled when I found your website. I’m wondering… last post was in 2008… have you changed to a new blog?

  5. I too love your blogs, I found you when my friend wanted a long stocking cap that would double as a hat and scarf combined. thus I found your pattern for the super long Stocking cap (Btw that is the pattern I knitted three of; not the Schwartz’s cap)Thank you so much! What a blessing you are!

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