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Knitting for Love

Every Christmas Eve we have a gift exchange game as a preview for the Big Day. $5 limit (give or take) and no ‘white elephant’ crap. Just fun little items anyone could potentially like. I gave a skein of Malabrigo with a note promising any item the winner wanted made from the skein. My sister and Mom fought over it with Mom coming out on top and she picked comfy cozy house socks from One Skein Wonders.

The Parental Units left before I finished the socks and I dorkily forgot to snap a shot before sending them off. I bugged Mom till she sent this.

Mom's socks

Do you see how lovely and shapely her feet and ankles are? Suppose I got her skinny gams? Nope, I’m my dad through and through. Cankles, I tells ya! (BTW, that black splotch was a defect in the yarn.)

Digression: Interested in something different for charity knitting? Check out which was started by a high school student who wanted to help the homeless. My friend knits with this mature and impressive gal in the City and hopes everyone will be willing to contribute. So cool! My main concerns in high school were with how I was gonna buy that pair of Guess Jeans on my allowance and who was gonna ask me to prom.


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On Clogs, Seashells & Pullovers

Fiber Trends Felt Clogs are absolutely awesome! I love mine — I knitted them up nearly a year ago and they’re still in good shape. Ya’ll know of my troubles getting Aaron’s slippers finally done so it surprised me when I felt like casting on for another pair. I finished my Bro’s Christmas clogs night before last by adding a special touch just for Bro.

The Circle B felt clogs.

Those are his initials. He’s building a ‘cabin’ in the wilds of Sisters, Oregon, and going for the rustic look. Hence, the Circle B slippers! I’ve run them through the wash once and have a couple more to go before they’re even close to the right size. Luckily, he and Hubbo wear close to the same size so I can use him as a model.

Bro’s clogs were 17″ long pre-felting.

I also finally drilled the holes in the seashells I’m using for the Afghans for Afghans vest. I wonder if the little kid who gets it has ever seen a seashell before.

A flat knit vest (pattern from the Afghans for Afghans site) with seashell buttons.

I picked them off the beach in Half Moon Bay over Labor Day weekend. Now I just need to send it in!

I drilled holes in the back and strung them on some sturdy thread.

And finally, I’m knitting something for myself. I started Knit Picks On Deck Pullover on Sunday at U-Knitty and already have several inches (this was taken yesterday morning).

Hope it fits . . .

I’m so excited about this sweater — even though it’s just plain stockinette — that I can’t seem to put it down. I’m using TLC Cotton Plus instead of KP Shine, and my gauge wasn’t coming out. I knit three swatches on different size needles — 6, 7 & 8 — and found the fabric from the 7s to be most pleasing. Laura from U-Knitty helped me figure out the knitty math for casting on. Very helpful detailed instructions are in Stitch N’ Bitch Nation but it really sunk in with first-hand help. Thanks, Laura!

The pattern is not one of those hand-holding kind of patterns. You know the kind: “Row 1 — K2TOG, K98, SSK, K1, K98” etc. This pattern says “Decrease 1 at each end.” What kind of decrease? What do I do? Yikes, who let go of my hand?! So I pulled out my Knitter’s Companion and read about different decreases, which slants right (K2TOG), which slants left (SSK) and figured it out all by my lonesome. Instead of just blindly following a pattern — something I’m quite good at! — I had to learn how knitting works. Cool, no?


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Playing Catch Up

This month has been insane. I keep getting farther and farther behind in my blogging duties — every time I have a minute of free time, I realize that I have so much to report that I don’t have time! So this post will be a hodgepodge that will hopefully get me back on my blogging track.

My great friend Julie came for a visit from Portland right after deadline.


If you can believe it, she hadn’t been on a plane in 10 years and had no idea you couldn’t walk through a security checkpoint with your shoes on! We took her sailing on Tess (before we sold it), enjoyed some of Marin’s beauties and watched a teensytinsy baby quail get hit by a speeding BMW.

We were tooling around the Marin headlands when we saw this flock of quail on the road. We stopped to take a few snaps and generally enjoy their quailness.


This is a tiny two lane road so when I saw a car coming up behind, I put my car in gear and was easing forward to scare the quail off the road. The asshole in the speeding BMW couldn’t be bothered to slow down (“Gee, why is that car stopped in the road?” never crossed his mind) and swept past, plowing right through the little flock. Miraculously, only one baby suffered damage — which we witnessed as it rolled off the windshield and tumbled onto the ground. It was awake and didn’t appear to have anything noticeably broken but it was clearly in shock. We grabbed some napkins (so we wouldn’t leave our scent on it) and carefully tucked it under the shrub its family was hiding in. I’d love to believe it got its wind back and joined its family but I can’t quite make myself do it.

I perked up when Judy from Knit2Purl2 sent my shipping confirmation. What would I get? What would be substituted? The excitement was overwhelming. And then I realized she’d shipped to my billing address instead of the shipping address I’d included. Ah well, what’s a few more days of waiting. YIKES! It was torture, that’s what. But it finally came on Thursday and I got just what I thought I’d be getting. I forgot to take a before shot but this box was crammed with wool. After I pulled my trusty FoodSaver out, this is what was left:


I didn’t vacuum the Lopi because I’m planning on slippers for my bro for Christmas. I want to get them out of the way asap.

Thursday was also the day our friend Marsha dropped in for a quick sail before heading into the City for a convention.


We had a great time, even though I got lost in the crack alleys of SF before I clawed my way out and back over the bridge to the safety of Sausalito!

As far as real knitting goes, I have one last panel to finish and sew on before I can put this puppy to bed, so to speak.


I think he likes it!


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Laying Cable

I sewed two cabled panels together last night and it looks great but, boy, is this sucker heavy!


Here’s my process for this puppy:

I knit up two skeins Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick ‘n Quick for each panel, then strung a line through the stitches knowing I’d be picking them up later to ‘finish’. The only reason I did this was because I decided to add a sixth panel and only had 17 skeins of yarn — one short to just use three skeins for each panel. While working the sixth panel, I kept checking with Hubbo to see if it was long enough. When he approved, I bound off and picked up panel #5. I worked most of the rest of it on its own but just knew I’d missed a row here or there, thereby totally mucking up how they’d sew together, so I stitched them together and found that I had to add a few rows to make them exactly the same length. I’ll repeat this process till its done, which should be soon!

BTW, I got an email from Knit2Purl2 telling me she was sold out of the O-Wool. Now I have to find a substitute yarn before I get to cast on. <sniff>

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Liar Liar

The last couple weeks have been tragically frantic. Thankfully they weren’t frantically tragic! Most of it is explained on my Tess blog so check it out for all the excuses valid reasons for my failure to blog recently.

Alas, I have no pix of Rob’s blanket, which is just screaming along. He wanted something extra big to fit him so I added a sixth panel and several more repeats of the cable. I have one panel completely finished, four are nearly done (I used up two skeins of yarn for each and then lifelined them till I could figure out how long to make them), and I’m half a skein into the sixth. BTW, he’s learned not to utter anything but high praise about the goldarn thing!

Speaking of high praise, I finally sent Sandy’s Latoya tank to her. This was her response: “I really like it.” Umm . . . like? WTF?! I not-so-gently reminded her that we don’t live in the same state so I would never see her NOT wearing it and she could have just as easily lied and said it was absolutely-without-a-doubt the most gorgeous thing she’d ever laid her baby blues on. Not surprisingly, she amended her statement.


This is the best photo I have so far but she claims she was planning to wear it to work tomorrow and promised to have someone click a snap.

PS: Here’s another shot of Aaron’s disaster slippers.


You can see how much bigger the “shoe” portion of the red slipper is and how small it is on the brown one. Ugh!

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Felting Faux Pas

There are just some stupid things that you only do once. I, for example, will never again mix and match yarn destined to be felted. Remember Aaron’s slippers? I finally finished them and gave him instructions on felting them. He sent me this photo today.


Seems the recycled red wool I was trying to destash doesn’t want to felt as quickly as the brown Cascade 220. Harumpf! We laughed and I told him to just keep chucking them in the wash and see what happens. If they don’t end up felting enough (or too much, or half of each), I guess I’m stuck knitting him a new pair. <sigh>


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Cheron Slippers


I  finished the majority of Aaron’s second slipper last night but couldn’t remember if I’d made the low heel or high heel, so I pulled out the first slipper for reference. Um . . . oops.


The first slipper (red) was done months ago and I completely forgot the color scheme when I started on the second. I just wanted to get the blasted thing finished so I could move on, ya know? Hubbo laughed at me — so did I, for that matter — and said they looked cool. The more I looked at them — and the more I thought about frogging the entire second slipper — the more I thought so too! So Aaron’s gonna get ‘Cheron‘ style slippers. Hopefully, they can live in harmony, unlike Bele and Lokai.



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