Schwartz’ Stocking Cap Pattern

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth — just got all wrapped up in my own stuff and couldn’t find the energy to post. Funny the ebbs and floods of blogging. Some months you’re all over it, others you can’t stand the thought of it.

So, to make up for being such a slacker, I’d like to present the most adorable and gracious model a knitwear designer (cough cough) could have: LIAM!


Liam is the 5-year-old son of my knitting buddy Lori and does this kid know his knitting! He knows what a drop spindle is, how it works, what kind of yarn mom likes best and is just a bright little bulb. When asked what he thought of the cap, he said “It’s good.” Oh yeaaah!


He kindly agreed to show off the Schwartz’ Stocking Cap I designed — yes, I designed something! — based on the cap the smart-mouthed Schwartz wore in the best Christmas movie ever: A Christmas Story.


This particular hat is kid-sized and it fit Liam perfectly. I’m sure he’d be able to comfortably wear it for a few more years. Luckily he lives in Cali and there’s little need for such amazingly long caps here.


As promised awhile ago, here’s the finished pattern for . . .

Schwartz’ Stocking Cap
(kid sized)
[Randy’s Stocking Cap is the adult sized version]

1 skein each Lion Brand Wool-Ease Brown, White, Red & Gold (or any worsted yarn in those colors)
#7 40″ circular needles (or dpns if you don’t Magic Loop)
darning needle
pom pom maker or piece of cardboard

18 sts x 24 rows = 4″ in stockinette

I knit this in the round using the Magic Loop method. It could as easily be knit using dpns.

I also used the ‘jogless jog‘ when changing colors.

CO 76 sts with Brown.
Work in 1×1 rib (K1, P1) for 2″ (15 rows).

*Change to White. K 6 rows in stockinette (rest of hat is stockinette).
Change to Red. K 9 rows.
Change to Gold. K 17 rows.
Change to Red. K 9 rows.
Change to White. K 6 rows. (Edited to add this missing band of color)
Change to Brown. K 4 rows.*

Color changes continue at these intervals for rest of hat.

Approximately 10-12″ into hat, depending on size of head being knit for, decrease every 4 rows. At beginning of decrease round, K2TOG, K to last 2 sts, SSK. Continue decreasing until 6 sts remain. Break yarn & weave through remaining sts.

Make pom pom with Brown & Gold yarn and attach to tip of hat. Weave in loose ends and do Schwartz proud. I triple dog dare you!



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42 responses to “Schwartz’ Stocking Cap Pattern

  1. Looks like Liam had a good time! Nice to “see” you too.

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  3. Love that movie! This is great. Thanks for the free pattern and Liam looks like fun. Great photos! He’s a cutie.

  4. Liam’s awesome. My new boyfriend! You can also find the pattern for an adult size (with Randy’s colors) if you click on the ‘Patterns’ category.

  5. A Christmas Story is a xmas day tradition in my family, and it is the best xmas movie ever!! Thanks for the great pattern!!! I cna’t wait to try it out.

  6. He is so cute! And the cap is so fun!

  7. Diane Benjamin

    This is ADORABLE! (And so is your model!!)Thanks so much for taking the time to write down your pattern. I can’t wait to make one for my little grandson Keaton.

  8. Stella Machado

    Please publish something pretty to be worn, not just shown.

  9. Tirzah Willemburg

    I think i’ll make the hat first then post my kids’ response. bet they’ll think the world of me not knowing mom got the pattern off the web!

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  11. Marsha

    My sister died of lymphoma and had bone cancer and lung Cancer too. The doctors thought it was a miracle she lived so long. I know how bad Cancer is.
    I’ve been looking all over to buy a stocking hat like this for my nephews. The ages are 2 and 3, years old, is there any possiblity that I could have them made and give you the money for them for Cancer Care. Well, anyway could you make it by Christmas? Please let me know. God Bless You Always and Family. You are in my prays. You People are Wonderful and thanks for sending my Sister a Beautiful Angel, she loved it.

  12. Hello,
    I just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVE the stocking cap! We’ve been searching endlessly for this exact version of Schwartz’s cap to put our company logo and give to our kids and possibly sell them on our website. Do you make and sell quantities of this stocking cap? If so, I would be interested in obtaining more info from you regarding cost, sizes, etc… Thank you very much in advance. Ryan Safoutin – Founder/CEO – SQUATCHWEAR

  13. Beth

    My son has the role of Schwartz in his high school’s production of A Christmas Story running Nov 12-14. I have been looking all over for a long stocking cap for him. In all my googling, I happened upon this blog post. I do not knit, but I am wondering do you sell the Schwartz cap? My son would take an adult size. Please advise as quickly as possible. Thank you very much!

  14. lady hawk

    Please do you know where I can find a crochet version of this cap? I have searched high and low.
    Thank you for any suggestions.

  15. lady hawk

    Please do you know where I can find a crochet version of this cap? I have searched high and low.
    Thank you for any suggestions.


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  17. Joanne Whittaker

    I am just starting to knit this stocking cap for a gift on circular needles, but do not know the abbreviation of “SSK”. Could someone please tell me. I have never used circular needls before

    I love the pattern!

  18. ann nash

    i have been look for the stocking hat like that.
    Do you make them for anyone else if what is price.

    • jeff

      Do you know of a knitter who I could send a brand new stocking hat to and that person copy — about 5 or more — Or possibly just let the new one out so it’s not too small. Hats just keep riding up my head and they won’t stay put down around my ears.

      I stretch the heck out of brand new hats to try and get them to fit and I usually wreck them.

      Carhartt makes a really nice acrylic one that’s perfect except one size fits all doesn’t work for me. Help! Also, cost to do something like this.

  19. Jan Moore

    Hello. I’ve gotten to the part where I start decreasing. It says decrease every four rounds. Does than mean to knit four rounds and then a decrease round or does it mean knit three rounds and then a decrease round?
    Please help. I would like to get this done before Christmas.
    Thank you.

    • Jan, knit three rounds, then decrease. Of course if you knit four rounds, you’d just get a longer tail. It’s not really vital in this pattern which way you go. Have fun!

  20. Donna Williams

    How much would you charge to make a hat? Just like the pictured one but with Cleveland Browns colors. In time for Christmas.

  21. Jan

    You’re a better knitter than I am. It says knit 6 rounds in white and then change to red. But when I knit the round that changes the color, I get another round of white, so it’s 7 rounds of white. Am I doing something wrong?

  22. Jan

    I hate to keep bothering you about this, especially at Christmas, so if you don’t get back to me right away, it’s okay. I’m doing this on dpns and I’m at the part where I start decreasing. If I do K2TOG at the beginning of the row and SSK at the end, won’t I end up with just 30 stitches on one needle and no stitches on the other two? Help, please.
    And Merry Christmas.

  23. Jan

    Never mind. I’ve figured it out.

  24. Lily

    Hi I may be having a blonde moment but when decreasing, you only eliminate two stitches for each decreasing row? Okay so what I am trying to say is you knit the first two stitches of a row together and then the last two ssk, then knit regularily for another 4 rows and then do the decreasing part agin?

  25. Thanks! Made A Schwartz Hat, and a Ralphie Hat!

  26. Alisha

    I made this for my son three years ago when he was 5. He looked so adorable and amazing in it. Just two months ago he was killed in a car accident and my husband then requested me to make one for him to match only in adult size. So I am working on it and so far it’s therapeutic thank you for sharing this so it can be so sentimental for me.

  27. Karen Tullius

    What does SSK mean in the pattern?

  28. Linda

    SSK means k1k1 slip the first k over the second k.

  29. Mike

    Do you sell these types of hats and if not where can I get one

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