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Sleeves the Easy Way


Ya gotta love it! No seaming!

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This is Your Brain on Knitting

No pix but I have the bodice of Cherie Amour done. I got totally stuck right after the ribbing and screwed things up royally. For some reason, I couldn’t wrap my head around this part of the pattern (it comes right after the ribbing):

“From this point, the Upper Body will be worked back and forth in rows. The point which has been the end of the round is at the center front of the sweater.

Turn work so WS is facing and p 1 row, removing marker. This is Row 2 of Lace Pattern 2.”

I  have no idea why but I kept thinking this was the point where I separate the front from the back. I kept fuming at what a horribly written pattern this was and really, I was just a horrible pattern reader. But by the time I figured it out, I’d separated the front and the back, tried to fix it, frogged down to the ribbing, had the yarn in the wrong place, blah, blah, blah. After I got everything sorted out, the bodice practically shot off my needles! I didn’t even have any trouble with the lace pattern on the two fronts. Weird how the brain works. I would have sworn that it was made clear that separating the back and front was the next step!

Instead of knitting the sleeves flat, I picked up the armhole sts and am knitting them in the round. No seaming! I would never have thought of doing this but someone on a KAL said they had and, when I looked at the pattern, saw that it could be done. There’s no sleeve cap at all, just straight across. Hope to have it done by Turkey Day but am not holding my breath (it’s deadline).

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Bar Brawl

We went to the most awesomest concert last week! Tommy Shaw of Styx and Jack Blades from Night Ranger (remember Sister Christian?) have joined forces again (remember Damn Yankees?) and have released a new album of acoustic covers of songs that inspired them. They kicked off their cross-country tour at Petaluma’s Mystic Theatre.


We stood in line for an hour and a half because the show was general admission and we had no idea what the seating would be like. Turns out the front row seats we had were worthless as there’s a big dance floor in front that everyone was gathering on, totally blocking our view. After the opening band, we moved our way onto the dance floor and managed to find a spot about 15′ from the stage.


I was a hair too young to have been a Styx fan when they were at the top but my bro was. Night Ranger was definitely more my era but I never got into the Damn Yankees. I had no idea what either of these guys looked like and, I’ll confess, I fell a little bit for Tommy Shaw (on the right). Apparently, I’m not alone. That blond in the front holding the camera kept jumping up and down from excitement at being so close to her idol. She even flashed him at one point! His reaction was priceless: he sorta jumped back, looked embarrassed and said “Whoa!”The Mystic is an interesting venue that, unfortunately, serves alcohol. I say unfortunately because it seemed packed with drunk ’80s metal-heads who just kept getting drunker. Thankfully, they were all just whooping and hollerin’ and calling out “FREEBIRD!” Except . . . the backup guy was this cute young dude from a local band called American Drag. Very talented musician but he drew the young girls like moths to a flame. This one particular young girl tried to edge her way in front of us but ended up next to us. Both she and her boyfriend were DUH-RUNK and she started swaying around to the music. Soon enough, she swung her hair into my face so I said “Excuse me” in a very friendly manner. She looked around and said “Humph! You . . . old . . . FART!” Yes, people, I am officially an old fart. At 38.

We continued enjoying the music — which was truly amazing — but she soon started swinging around again. The inevitable happened: she bumped into me. What threw me for a loop though was that she whipped around and screamed “How dare you lay your f*ing hands on me! You can’t touch me!” I calmly smiled and said quietly “I didn’t touch you, you touched me.” “F* YOU, YOU B*TCH!!” and on from there. I turned back to the stage and tried to watch the show, ignoring her ranting as her boyfriend tried to reel her in, when suddenly “SPLOOSH!” The full cup of beer she’d been sloshing around landed right down my front! Of course we were all packed in like sardines so everyone around me, especially the not-so-delicate woman in front of me, got hit. Girlfriend was still screaming like a banshee while Boyfriend was holding her back. I looked at him and quietly but firmly said “You need to get her out of here right now.” Poor kid looked like a deer in the headlights — several wet and angry faces had turned to him and he didn’t want to get his ass kicked because his dumbass girlfriend went psycho! He started dragging her through the crowd but Not-So-Delicate decided Girlfriend should pay for her crime: “Where do you think YOU’RE going?!” NSD reached out and grabbed a handful of GF’s pseudo-professionally colored hair and pulled one way while BF tugged the other. What a sight!

I just wanted GF to go away so I leaned into NSD and whispered “Just let her go. We’ll all have a good time if she’s gone.” NSD looked at me, nodded and gave one final hard tug, ripping out a big ol’ handful of GF’s bleached hair. BF dragged her into oblivion and NSD spent the next 15 minutes wiping GF’s hair off her! Yes, I stood soaked in a puddle of cheap beer but it was worth it. What a great show and terrific story!

Meanwhile, as old farts are wont to do, I’ve been knitting like crazy. I finally seamed the sleeves on my KP On Deck Pullover and now just need to block it. It only took me about five hours to get the first sleeve done, but the second sped by in just two hours! Is there anyone out there that will set in sleeves for pay?


Haven’t finished the ruffle around the bottom edge of the V-Neck Pullover but instead have cast on Cherie Amour in the Faux Malabrigo I was using for that ugly cardigan I ended up hating. I frogged it — I was about 2/3 done — straightened the yarn and am more than halfway through the new sweater.


I’m alternating between two balls of yarn every other row as I don’t really care for the color pooling that comes with hand dyed yarn. I’m also not crazy about the pattern’s sleeves and am thinking of changing them but that presents a whole new series of challenges. Any suggestions? I’d like to make them stockinette or something a little less ‘bulky’ looking. Lord knows I don’t need my upper arms to look any bulkier.

What else? Not much but it’s been an exciting ride so far!


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