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Dying Recycled Cashmere

When we first moved down here, I bought several lots of wool recycled from old sweaters on eBay. We’d been living rather hand to mouth at that point so there wasn’t a lot of discretionary funds for ‘good’ yarn. I even ‘recycled’ a sweater or two myself. I haven’t touch the majority of that yarn, which is a shame because some of it really is nice. Such as this luscious cashmere frogged from a size XL Ralph Lauren sleeveless turtleneck (only in California!).


The sweater was brand new and soooooooooooooo soft I almost cried. It was kind of expensive for a thrift store sweater but where else could you find 870 yards of worsted weight 100% cashmere for $15? And let me tell you, that bugger was a beyotch to frog! All those long fibers stuck to each other, making it a test of my patience but it was worth it.

Sadly, it’s been sitting in storage for a year and I still don’t have a clue what to make out of it. But one thing I do know is that I don’t care for the color. Oh, it’s nice and all, but just not me. Inspired by a Kool Aid dying group on Ravelry, I pulled it out last night and did some testing. Here are the results:


I like the top row the best. The first Grape test was very short to achieve the almost lavender color, the second was to get a deep dark color. The next samples are Tropical Punch with Black Cherry right next to it. All of these are nice — I guess it’ll just depend on what I use the yarn for. Suggestions?


I think I’ll take a little of the vintage mohair I bought on Ravelry (something like 40 skeins of the stuff) home for some testing as well. After Easter, I might just buy up some egg dye for further testing!


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