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Making Progress

I’m really whipping out the On Deck Pullover. I can’t keep my hands off it! Every second I get, I’m knitting on it. I have about 6″ done and would be much farther along if I wasn’t on deadline and working late.

I took this night before last — I knit an inch last night!

Still lovin’ it. I’ve found that when doing the SSK, if I slip one knitwise and then put it back on the left needle, then K2Tog, it lays much flatter than a standard SSK. I’ll post a pic of that soon.

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My First Tag!

I’m so excited and honored — I’ve received my first ‘tag’. If you don’t know, a ‘tag’ is sort of like a chain letter for bloggers, without all the doom and gloom if you don’t comply. You know, I’ve never had bad luck, death or destruction from not burdening all my friends with some stupid letter they had to pass on, handtowels they had to send or dollar bills they had to give away.

But tags are usually intended to help your readers get to know you a little better in the form of a meme (go here for that definition — dayum, I love Wikipedia).

I was tagged by Sherri, who appears to needs a support group: Sock Knitters Anonymous — the woman is an addict!

The rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

Facts about me:
1. I’ve won trophies for archery.
2. My favorite cheer-me-up movie is Turner & Hooch.
3. I have no interest in having kids, though I don’t dislike others’ children (unless they’re being brats, which is like 90% of the time, it seems).
4. I have a loud laugh. The first time I saw There’s Something About Mary, a couple that was sitting in front of me at the start of the movie was gone by the end. I was laughing so hard and so loud that I didn’t even notice they’d changed seats!!
5. I loved the smell of lilies until I worked for several years producing a flower show. Now they sorta make me sick to my stomach.
6. I was allergic to cow milk when I was a baby so my mom fed me soy milk (this was back in the days when breastfeeding was “bad”). Now I can guzzle a gallon with no ill effects.
7. My first real kiss was when I was 16 in a disco in La Paz, Baja with a guy who looked just like a skinny George Michael <swoon>.

Tagging 7 people.

Diane – A Californian mom in Alaska and my first Secret Pal (downline).
Dulcedosa – A fearless and hot little number in Missouri.
Krafty1 – AKA my first Secret Pal (upline).
Guro – Knitting in Norway.
Missy – Supermom!
Terry – Another sailing knitter but she’s in a much warmer spot than me.
KitKat – Another sock addict!


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On Clogs, Seashells & Pullovers

Fiber Trends Felt Clogs are absolutely awesome! I love mine — I knitted them up nearly a year ago and they’re still in good shape. Ya’ll know of my troubles getting Aaron’s slippers finally done so it surprised me when I felt like casting on for another pair. I finished my Bro’s Christmas clogs night before last by adding a special touch just for Bro.

The Circle B felt clogs.

Those are his initials. He’s building a ‘cabin’ in the wilds of Sisters, Oregon, and going for the rustic look. Hence, the Circle B slippers! I’ve run them through the wash once and have a couple more to go before they’re even close to the right size. Luckily, he and Hubbo wear close to the same size so I can use him as a model.

Bro’s clogs were 17″ long pre-felting.

I also finally drilled the holes in the seashells I’m using for the Afghans for Afghans vest. I wonder if the little kid who gets it has ever seen a seashell before.

A flat knit vest (pattern from the Afghans for Afghans site) with seashell buttons.

I picked them off the beach in Half Moon Bay over Labor Day weekend. Now I just need to send it in!

I drilled holes in the back and strung them on some sturdy thread.

And finally, I’m knitting something for myself. I started Knit Picks On Deck Pullover on Sunday at U-Knitty and already have several inches (this was taken yesterday morning).

Hope it fits . . .

I’m so excited about this sweater — even though it’s just plain stockinette — that I can’t seem to put it down. I’m using TLC Cotton Plus instead of KP Shine, and my gauge wasn’t coming out. I knit three swatches on different size needles — 6, 7 & 8 — and found the fabric from the 7s to be most pleasing. Laura from U-Knitty helped me figure out the knitty math for casting on. Very helpful detailed instructions are in Stitch N’ Bitch Nation but it really sunk in with first-hand help. Thanks, Laura!

The pattern is not one of those hand-holding kind of patterns. You know the kind: “Row 1 — K2TOG, K98, SSK, K1, K98” etc. This pattern says “Decrease 1 at each end.” What kind of decrease? What do I do? Yikes, who let go of my hand?! So I pulled out my Knitter’s Companion and read about different decreases, which slants right (K2TOG), which slants left (SSK) and figured it out all by my lonesome. Instead of just blindly following a pattern — something I’m quite good at! — I had to learn how knitting works. Cool, no?


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I’m here. Are you there?

Hoo hoooo! I just ordered some Rowan Big Wool for the Cabled Pullover in the Fall 2006 Vogue Knitting. The sweater doesn’t really ‘read’ pink in the mag but that yarn is a sturdy raspberry color. I certainly hope the gaudy orange kidsilk I bought (per the ‘recipe’) tones it down. By the way, Big Wool is on closeout over at WEBS. (A few skeins of Araucania Nature Wool may have found their way into my cart too, but don’t tell anyone.)

As you may have noticed, I’m here. Well, I suppose I really could be anywhere posting this, but I’m not. I’m here. We were supposed to drive to Portland today, Seattle tomorrow, do this thing, then down to Brownsville (my folks – why else?), then home on Sunday. I’m exhausted just thinking of it. I tried to talk Hubbo out of it but he’s one stubborn fella. I was gonna bail on the trip until my sister said she was flying into Portland on the day we’d be driving through, so I changed my mind. Yesterday, Hubbo changed his. Hurrah! Yes, I’m a little sad I don’t get to see Sandy but I’ll see her at Christmas, and my happiness at not having to drive up there and back in a weekend overshadows the sadness I might feel for missing my sis.

Speaking of family, I have one point five slippers done for my bro for Christmas. Maybe next I’ll felt up a hat for SIL. Then what? A Cabled Pullover for myself, of course!


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I’m a Bad Bad Girl

I’m a jerk. An idiot. A complete and utter moron. I’m tempted to even use the A-word because that’s how badly I feel. Yesterday, I ‘tattled’ to my Secret Pal 11 hostess Christine that I hadn’t heard from my Secret Pal yet. Not only had I heard from her — three times, no less — but I’d even responded once!

My pal was very sweet in her reminder about all of this, which made me feel like an even bigger shitheel. Then, to top off all the embarrassment I was feeling, I went to the Post Office last night to find this amazing package from her.

I don’t deserve my super sweet Secret Pal.

It was filled with all sorts of goodies I clearly don’t deserve. Two skeins of my new favorite yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Green Olive, which I would never have picked for myself but absolutely adore nonetheless (my stash seems to consist of nothing but red hues so a little change is a very good thing); soap with a special toy for Freddy embedded inside and a very cool nautical-themed tin of mints. I’m not even going to mention the lovely card because I’ll probably explode from the shame I feel.

Hopefully my pal will forgive me, though I certainly wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t. I didn’t mean to be such a dufus — I guess it just comes naturally. In reality, all of her notes and comments to my blog came during deadline when my memory is never particularly . . . um . . . what’s the word? . . . uh . . . good.

Anyway, HushHush, I apologize for being the worst downline SPer ever! I swear to the goddesses of Secret Pal-dome, that I will never ‘forget’ you again!

Speaking of forgetting, here are Aaron’s finished slippers that I promised last week.

Cross your fingers that they’ll eventually match!

If you don’t remember, I’d finished his slippers, using red for the top of one and brown for the top of the other. Unfortunately, I used two different kinds of wool and they felted differently — the brown shrunk much more than the red, as you can see.


I’ve been crazy busy for the last week and have barely had time to breathe, much less knit. We’re driving to Seattle on Thursday for the weekend, so I’ll be incommunicado till Monday. Have a great weekend!


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Not So Sweet Vacation

For Labor Day we were part of a ‘fleet’ that escorted a boat to Half Moon Bay (about 20 miles south of SF) on the first leg of a five year South Pacific cruise. We all met up in Richardson Bay on Friday night and anchored out. Early Saturday morning we set sail for the Bridge. Being a major holiday weekend, nearly 100 boats (I’m not kidding) headed for the bridge at the exact same time (timing is everything when sailing out the Gate). We laughed and laughed at all the pseudo-sailors with their motors running full-tilt and not a scrap of sail up.

Man, we were looking good! Full sails trimmed beautifully in moderate winds. Feeling all superior to all those posers. Then we realized we weren’t actually making any forward progress, just going back and forth in front of the bridge. Long story short, it took us FIVE hours to go ONE mile! The reason is because we wasted so much time being all cool with the sailing, that we missed the last of the ebb tide (when the water whooshes out of the Bay) and were fighting a flood (when it all comes back in). Why were we being such dunderheads, you ask? Because we were ‘buddy boating’ with a friend on a tiny little boat with no motor.

Our friend Adam may be easy but he’s not fast.

Rob didn’t want to leave him in the dust by firing up our ‘iron genny’ (I plead the 5th about my opinion in that matter) so we just trundled along with him until I couldn’t take it any longer. “Make a decision! Either let’s haul ass or turn around!” Clearly, turning around would be the faster of the two options so that’s what we did.

We screamed back into the Bay and anchored in our favorite place: Clipper Cove. Excellent protection from wind and waves, and lots of room.

Our favorite Bay anchorage — Clipper Cove.

Sunday morning we left earlier, sans slow friend, and made it to Half Moon Bay by 3 p.m. Unfortunately, the bar (where ocean meets bay) was very lumpy and Freddy puked twice and was generally miserable. I got close a time or two but never hurled.

Yea me!

Poor Fred!

It appeared that every boat in San Francisco had gone to HMB for the weekend – nearly 130 boats were anchored, and that doesn’t even take into consideration the ones in the marina! We had a good time saying goodbye to Eric & Emmy and then left Tuesday morning in thick fog.

Not a square (inch) to spare.

Fog is never fun but we have a radar and chartplotter so that makes navigating in pea soup a little less challenging (but no less stressful). It finally lifted and the wind began blowing. Then it got a little stronger, but we had a reef in the mainsail (makes the sail smaller) so weren’t too worried. About 4 miles from the turn into the Bay, it really picked up so Rob put another reef in the main and brought down the jib (foresail). It was blowing about 30 mph and he was drenched and exhausted when he got back to the cockpit. Then BANG! The whole boat started shaking violently and we had no idea what had happened.

We have two masts on our boat — the main mast in the middle of the boat and the mizzen mast at the back. At the top of the mizzen mast is a wind generator that puts out electricity when the wind blows. The bang appears to have been a small bird, like a tern or shearwater, doing a kamikaze on our wind generator, taking out one and a half of the three blades and, presumably, itself in the process!

That HAD to hurt!

When we finally got tucked back into our slip, we found our new temporary neighbors were a couple from Hokkaido, Japan, who’d just sailed 48 days across the Pacific non-stop on their 36 foot sailboat. We’ve had a great time showing them around and helping them do such things as grocery shop and do laundry. Meet Motoe and Yumika — aren’t they adorable?!

Our new friends, Motoe and Yumika.

With all the excitement, I haven’t had much knitting time, though I did finally finish Aaron’s final slipper. If this doesn’t work, I give up! I’ll post a pic tomorrow.


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