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Knitting for Love

Every Christmas Eve we have a gift exchange game as a preview for the Big Day. $5 limit (give or take) and no ‘white elephant’ crap. Just fun little items anyone could potentially like. I gave a skein of Malabrigo with a note promising any item the winner wanted made from the skein. My sister and Mom fought over it with Mom coming out on top and she picked comfy cozy house socks from One Skein Wonders.

The Parental Units left before I finished the socks and I dorkily forgot to snap a shot before sending them off. I bugged Mom till she sent this.

Mom's socks

Do you see how lovely and shapely her feet and ankles are? Suppose I got her skinny gams? Nope, I’m my dad through and through. Cankles, I tells ya! (BTW, that black splotch was a defect in the yarn.)

Digression: Interested in something different for charity knitting? Check out which was started by a high school student who wanted to help the homeless. My friend knits with this mature and impressive gal in the City and hopes everyone will be willing to contribute. So cool! My main concerns in high school were with how I was gonna buy that pair of Guess Jeans on my allowance and who was gonna ask me to prom.


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The Scut Farkus Affair


While watching TBS’s 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story, it hit me that this film had some of the most incredible handknits I’d seen on screen. Or at least the most. Scene after scene featured handknit items. “Holy cannoli!” I thought. “I wonder if there’s a Christmas Story group on Ravelry.” There wasn’t so I created The Scut Farkus Affair group so lovers of the best Christmas movie ever made could share patterns and laughs.

I had a hard time deciding on a name. At first I thought “I Can’t Put My Arms Down” would be hysterical, plus it had a subtle knitting connotation. “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out” would have said it all but neither had that ring. Scut Farkus is far and away the best villain name ever thought up by the mind of man (or Jean Shepherd) so that was it.

If you’re on Ravelry and love (or even like) A Christmas Story, check out the group. Should be fun!


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