I am screamin’ along with all the knitting projects. I’m like the Bionic Woman — remember when she’d turn the chalkboard around and fill it in 3 seconds with scribbling? That’s me and my knitting. I made Dad’s second Dashing in one evening and even made progress on FSM.

Knitty’s Dashing
Paton’s Classic Merino Wool in New Denim

Last night, I cast on for Bro’s Dashings around 7 pm and was through the third cable by 10:30. I did take it easy last night — if I’d been ‘on’, I probably could have nearly finished it.

Knitty’s Dashing
Knit Picks WotA in Forest Heather

This morning I finished His Noodly Appendages. I will felt them separately from the meatballs and then sew them together to create His Holiness. Note the two short antennae at the top. I’ll glue googly eyes after felting. Yea!

Flying Spaghetti Monster Ornament
Cascade 220 & Paton’s Classic Merino



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4 responses to “Screamin’

  1. That looks great! I felted mine last night and I think I need to felt the pasta again. It’s not quite as tight as I’d like.

    Every time I look at the FSM, I laugh out loud. Thanks so much for pointing this pattern out to me!

  2. Nice FSM!

    The pattern for the hat with flames is here:

    I attempted to convert it to stranded knitting in the round with three colors on each row– total PITA but better than flat intarsia with fifty-seven bobbins or whatever she’s got going on there. So, that worked, but gauge did not even get close. I’ll let you know how attempt #2 goes with Cascade 220 and #8s. The flames do look sweet though!

  3. bikerknits

    I’m supposed to be making those deadlines- two articles due by New Years! S. O. is comfortable with me finishing his vest by Boxing Day so no problem.

    Followed the Knitting Cat Lady link to a BBC cat test, which was fun for my guys- Fred might like it. You stick a cat treat or 2 (more rattling noise) in a toilet paper tube or similar and put it on the floor near Cat.
    Watch to see if kitty is left or right pawed.

  4. coveredinyarn

    Holy cow! You have been a busy busy lady! Christmas knitting always tends to creep up on us doesn’t it?

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