Sick, Sick, Sick

I left work early Thursday and never went back because I finally caught Hubbo’s cold. I was down all weekend, which is bad for keeping the boat clean or getting work done but is great for Christmas knitting. It was fairly flying off my needles! Mom’s Fetchings are done (though I dope-ily forgot to snap a shot), as are a pair for my Seester. For both pair, I made increased the length by adding another cable set or two. I also CO purlwise as I don’t care for the curly picot edging.


Mom’s were in Laines du Nord Cashsilk while Nan’s were done in Araucania Nature Wool to match the hat/scarf set I made her last Christmas. Man, those two yarns are a world apart. The Cashsilk is luscious while the Araucania is . . . um . . . sturdy. Honestly, it was like knitting sandpaper after the Cashsilk! I was worried they’d be too rough for mitts but they softened up significantly after blocking (I fully soaked ’em). Here’s what they look like next to each other for comparison.


Next up was Quant from the December Knitty. (BTW, did they misspell that? Is it supposed to be “Quaint”? If not, what the heck is a “quant”?) After a few missteps that required frequent frogging, I got the hang of entrelac and sped right through it in a day. When the pattern said to pick up and knit a diamond’s edge sts, I kept skipping the bit about replacing the last st on the left needle and decreasing (ssk or p2tog). Grrr. But though it doesn’t have the nice color blocks other self striping yarn has, I still think she’ll love it. (And, Nan, if you happen to be reading this, which is highly unlikely, shame on you for peeking!)


Last on the Christmas Knitting Chopping Block is Knitty’s Dashing for my BIL. I used the Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Green Olive that my SP sent me, which is a gorgeous color (very manly), super soft (but not too soft, if you catch my meaning), and is very warm (necessary for Colorado). I’m 2/3 of the way through the second mitt and I love them! I actually enjoy knitting this more than Fetching. All those measly little cables get annoying but there’s only six in Dashing. Unfortunately, I found out today that I didn’t read the pattern carefully enough — I was supposed to switch up the cables for the left mitt. Doh! I’m planning on a pair for my Bro and Dad too, so I can do it on theirs but I just can’t bring myself to frog nearly an entire mitt.


Though it wasn’t technically knitting, I also put my SIL’s swirled placemat through the wash for the first time. In a laundromat’s front loader, as a matter of fact. Good progress in spite of it!


Note that, even though I used Paton’s Classic Merino for all the colors, they’re still felting up at different rates.


The green is by far the most felted, while the tan, surprisingly, is a close second. The rust is felted about half as much as the green. Go figure. Guess I shudda swatched!


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  1. Very nice goodies! Excited to see your Quant, I’ve been thinking about making one too. When I saw the name I thought of Mary Quant myself. Feel better!

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