This is Your Brain on Knitting

No pix but I have the bodice of Cherie Amour done. I got totally stuck right after the ribbing and screwed things up royally. For some reason, I couldn’t wrap my head around this part of the pattern (it comes right after the ribbing):

“From this point, the Upper Body will be worked back and forth in rows. The point which has been the end of the round is at the center front of the sweater.

Turn work so WS is facing and p 1 row, removing marker. This is Row 2 of Lace Pattern 2.”

I  have no idea why but I kept thinking this was the point where I separate the front from the back. I kept fuming at what a horribly written pattern this was and really, I was just a horrible pattern reader. But by the time I figured it out, I’d separated the front and the back, tried to fix it, frogged down to the ribbing, had the yarn in the wrong place, blah, blah, blah. After I got everything sorted out, the bodice practically shot off my needles! I didn’t even have any trouble with the lace pattern on the two fronts. Weird how the brain works. I would have sworn that it was made clear that separating the back and front was the next step!

Instead of knitting the sleeves flat, I picked up the armhole sts and am knitting them in the round. No seaming! I would never have thought of doing this but someone on a KAL said they had and, when I looked at the pattern, saw that it could be done. There’s no sleeve cap at all, just straight across. Hope to have it done by Turkey Day but am not holding my breath (it’s deadline).


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