Nearly Dead

Deadline is always a killer. Last month, I really did nearly lose my mind — this month, not so bad. November is a smaller issue though I swear I wrote half the content for the largest section of the magazine this month. While it may be a smaller issue, nearly all editorial staff is going to Mexico for an annual cruisers rally we’re associated with. Not me, and I’m fine with it, trust me.

But as of . . . well, 20 minutes from now when the final proofreading is handed to me, I’m done. Hubbo’s in Bodega Bay on the boat he’ll be racing to Hawaii next year, and I’m gonna join him for the weekend. I hope to hit a yarn store . . .

But even if I don’t, I’m still well stocked with new yarn. Just look at what my Secret Pal sent me for Halloween:


Two luscious skeins of the lucsious Araucania Limari (70% Merino/20% Alpaca/10% Silk). I just wanted to nuzzle into it all night. Seriously, I’d pick it up, rub it against my face, gaze at it for a few seconds, put it down, only to pick it up again a minute later!

Also included were a big ass jar of wool wash, which I’ve totally been needing, a kitty tape measure, some Halloween candy (SP may notice that the bag is significantly less full than when she sent it) and the coolest pen ever:


Her note said it was in memory of the kamikaze bird that killed itself and our wind generator!With the craziness of deadline, I still haven’t had the time or mental capacity to seam up the shoulders on my TWO finished sweaters. Well, to be honest, I still have miles of mohair ruffle to knit on the bottom of the body but still . . . so close.


But I did have the mental capacity (and itchy fingers) to start on my SIL’s swirl placemats. Very odd construction. I’ll post progress but as I’m only on like row 4 of flat stockinette, what’s there to post?


I’ll leave you with this adorable pic of Lauren in her equally adorable crocheted hat — taken at Sunday’s U-Knitty.




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5 responses to “Nearly Dead

  1. Oh, that hat is dorky. I’ll give it to my daughter.

  2. I think the hat is cute on her. Love that pen!!! One of these days I must try that SP swap, always looks so fun.
    Congrats on finishing your deadline, have a fun weekend!

  3. Gee, the tape measure looks familiar…great minds think alike! Good thing you can never have too many of tape measures!

  4. SP11

    Side Note:
    Why have you not been enabled by the amazing power of ravelry yet?

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