I Styled My Hair Why?

I haven’t even thought about my umbreller in months — months, I tell you — so I had to root around the boat to find it last week when a small system passed through. Of course the sun was shining brilliantly by the time I left work so who needs an umbreller? I’d look at it sitting forlornly in the corner and think “I really should take that home” but never did. Of course, this is what I woke up to:

At least I remembered to close all the portlights (windows) this time.

Of course Miss Brilliance over here went up and took a shower and styled her hair anyway. Now for you landlubbers out there, you may not realize what the big deal is. Take a shower, do your hair, step into the garage, get in the car, open the garage door with a handy dandy remote control and drive to your covered parking space at work. That’s not how it works when you live on a boat.


First, you have to gather up your toiletries bag (mine is literally an overnighter bag with all my ‘products’, hairdryer, makeup, etc. and weighs at least 10 lbs.) and towel. Then you walk the green path up to the showers. Hopefully there’s not a line of ladies waiting. After you shower, do your hair and apply the makeup, you pack your bag back up and follow the pink path back down to the boat. There you get dressed for the day, have a cuppa tea, pet Freddy, give Hubbo a smooch and trot back up the blue path to the car. Sometimes I’m lucky and find one a little closer but not always. That little trip is just about like walking across a football field three times! Now imagine doing it sans umbreller.

Yes, I look beautiful today.



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2 responses to “I Styled My Hair Why?

  1. wow. i had never considered any of that. it’s like living in an rv i guess…but all the time.

    it’s also kind of like living in washington state and trying to get to work cuz i don’t have covered anything when i leave this house. :-s

  2. Wow! That’s quite a walk you do everyday! I’m impressed….

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