Sweater Fever and Catnip Armpits

I’m still procrastinating on seaming that sweater but I have a great excuse! Hubbo and Big Aaron have the Valient hauled out so I have been running up there and fixing meals, etc. I really want to be focused and have a good amount of time before tackling it.

In the meantime, I cast on Vogue Fall ’05 #11 (aka: V-neck Pullover) a couple nights ago but twisted the cast on apparently. I was about 3 inches into it when I realized I was knitting a moebius sweater! (Why on earth did Cat Bordhi expend all that energy figuring out a ‘moebius cast on’ when all she had to do was twist a cast on stitch in the round?) Frogged and started again last night after Big Aaron left. Already 4+ inches into it!

How the heck do I get that mohair to distribute more evenly?

Normally when you change a flat knitted pattern to knitting in the round, you have to subtract two sts so the shaping doesn’t look like this (I forgot this step while knitting Miss Thang).

You can see two rows between the decreases in Miss Thang.

Since there’s no shaping in this sweater (actually, two increases), it doesn’t really matter so I’m just knitting the original number of sts. The Big Wool and size 15 needles really makes it go fast. I should have it done by the weekend!

Freddy loves Aaron – especially one particular part of him.

Speaking of Big Aaron, Freddy luvsluvsluvs him. As with any person who a cat really likes, Aaron’s allergic but he thinks Fred’s a cool cat. I wonder if Fred burying his face in Aaron’s armpit like it has catnip growing out of it has anything to do with it.



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