Seamingly Done

My KP On Deck Pullover (my first sweater ever hello how cool is that?!) just needs the sleeves set in and I’m finis! I weaved (wove?) in all the ends and even tightened up the cast ons. I’m a big fan of what’s known as the backward-loop cast-on (Sally Melville calls it the E Cast-on). I use it almost exclusively because it’s nearly guaranteed to never be too tight and bunch up, and because I’m lazy. I don’t have to figure out how much yarn to pull off a skein to do it and I never run out 2/3 of the way through. Lazy. Anyhooters, I find that if I go back and slightly tighten up that cast-on, the item lays just a little flatter.

One step left to finish my first ever sweater.

I’m ever so slightly worried about setting in the sleeves – I’m a virgin. I suppose I’ll just tackle it and if it looks like crap, I’ll just frog it and try again. I’ll block it and hope that wetting it will ‘shrink’ it just a tad. No biggie if it doesn’t – it’s just a kick around sweater anyway – but then it would fit perfectly. That’s the thing about sweater knitting that always put me off it. You never really know if what you’re knitting will fit in the end and that’s a scary-lot of time to invest it something so uncertain (can you tell I’m not much into the stock market?).

Of course I’m already planning two more sweaters so you can clearly tell I’m insane.

Wish I had her shoulderblades (and stomach and thighs and ass . . .)

I swatched for Vogue Knitting Fall 2005 V-Neck Pullover last night. I got stitch gauge but I got two extra rows. Puzzling, especially since I’m normally a fairly loose knitter. I usually have to go down two needle sizes to get gauge and this time I hit it (well, stitch gauge anyway) spot on with the recommended needles. The advice I’ve been given so far on Knitty Coffeeshop is to just adjust the pattern so any instructions that read “knit XX rows” to read “knit XX inches” based on the pattern’s gauge. I think I’ll give it a shot.But I’m also sorta hankering for Knitty’s Cherie Amour. I have all that Faux Malabrigo from Handpainted Yarns just sitting there waiting to be frogged from my disenchanting cardigan. Maybe it’s fortunate that I don’t have size 13 needles to swatch with. Must . . . Order . . . Size . . . 13s . . .

I know this may come as a surprise, but I have a little bit of a life outside the office and knitting. Last week Hubbo and I met up with our friends Brad and Kim to visit the Legion of Honor and de Young Museum in the City. A $10 bill gets you into both of these excellent fine arts museums – can you believe that? Brad & Kim had been to the de Young the week before so we started with the Legion, which is featuring a very large Rodin collection. Me, I’m rather ambivalent about sculpture so I was all “Whatever.” But I really enjoyed the majority of the paintings (some of those Catholic-centric ones are a little creepy).

Obligatory ‘Thinker’ pose.

We took our time meandering over to the de Young, not realizing it closed so early, so we only had 20 minutes to check it out. B & K led the way to their favs with us oohing and aahing along the way. The security guards cracked up that we were trying to see everything in such a short time! We may have ‘seen’ everything, we’re definitely going back to really check it all out. Of course you know how much we like to travel into the City – gack!

Freddy loves to help with the dishes.


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  1. SP11

    I hate seaming, it’s the worst part…I wish there was a magic seaming elf that lived in the bottom of a stash basket that would come out and seam when I finished everything…that would be nice huh?

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