Nearly Done

All the stress from deadline went into plowing through my On Deck Pullover and now I’m pleased to report that I’m nearly done – just finishing up the second sleeve and then I’ll begin the frightening process of ‘setting in sleeves’. That sounds so ominous!

After deadline is over, we always have a little time to decompress (which is a good thing considering how many psychotic breaks I had this time round), so Hubbo and I drove down to Monterey to visit our Japanese sailing friends Motoe and Yumiko. We stopped in Half Moon Bay to visit/interview this cool cruising couple (I’m always workin’…) then stopped in Santa Cruz for the night. Hubbo loves Thai food so when we happened to drive by a hotel right next door to a Thai place, the die was cast. While I can wholeheartedly NOT recommend the Thai place, the Mission Inn was inexpensive and nice enough to sleep in. Plus they had a Jacuzzi we had all to ourselves.

Good Jacuzzi, bad Thai.

After a nice soak in the hot tub, we went back to the room and got busy — knitting, that is. I stayed up late to finish the body of the pullover. Thanks to Lauren for telling me how to do my first three-needle bind-off EVER!


The Otter Inn on Cannery Row is another inexpensive and nice place to stay.

Look at the basket of food they give you!

(Why are hotel pillows always 7 feet thick? I don’t get it. We take our pillows everywhere because of this weird pillow-phenomenon. I can’t imagine how much I’d have to spend with my chiropractor if I’d slept on this monster!)

Can you say ‘Otolarynology’?

Speaking of an interesting phenomenon, take a look at this crazy stripe in the fabric. I’ve looked carefully at it, as have others, and the only thing we can think of is that when I picked up the knitting one night, I must’ve been extra stressed out. It loosens back up about 2/3 through the row. I’ve been assure it’ll block out. (fingers crossed)

Someone must have really pissed me off that day!

Halfway through the decreases for the bodice, I remembered about the pseudo-SSK decrease. What the heck, it’s only on the sides and no one will notice. Just take a look at the difference in how the two stitches lay. The top is your standard bulky SSK, the bottom is the alternative: slip one stitch, flip around and put it back on the left needle, then knit 2 together through the back of the stitches. Nice, eh?


So, back to the trip. We had a lovely visit with Motoe and Yumiko and went shopping in Cannery Row. You should have seen Motoe’s face when he walked into this candy shop – “Ack!” Apparently his senses were offended by the sickly sweet stench of a room full of candy. Hubbo, on the other hand, went on a spree. Wonder why the Komatsus are so tiny and we’re, well, not.

For the record, Hubbo put back half the candy.

On another topic, I finally got a pic of my friend Betty Lou, she of Miss Thang, aka: Mud Flap Girl.


Ain’t she just the cutest?! I’m thrilled to see the XS fit her to a T. Yea me!



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2 responses to “Nearly Done

  1. I’ve been meaning to try that modified SSK someday. Yours looks great!

    I highly recommend Bangkok West for Thai food in Santa Cruz. It’s actually in Aptos, about five miles down Hwy 1 from Santa Cruz, and so worth the drive every time. Mmm… now I’m hungry.

  2. The sweater looks great! I’m glad the three-needle bind off worked for you. You know, though, the same technique is actually used in the felted clogs you got me hooked on!

    I’ll miss you and the group this Sunday (hubby’s travelling so I’ll need to stay with the kids) but hopefully see you next week.

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