On Clogs, Seashells & Pullovers

Fiber Trends Felt Clogs are absolutely awesome! I love mine — I knitted them up nearly a year ago and they’re still in good shape. Ya’ll know of my troubles getting Aaron’s slippers finally done so it surprised me when I felt like casting on for another pair. I finished my Bro’s Christmas clogs night before last by adding a special touch just for Bro.

The Circle B felt clogs.

Those are his initials. He’s building a ‘cabin’ in the wilds of Sisters, Oregon, and going for the rustic look. Hence, the Circle B slippers! I’ve run them through the wash once and have a couple more to go before they’re even close to the right size. Luckily, he and Hubbo wear close to the same size so I can use him as a model.

Bro’s clogs were 17″ long pre-felting.

I also finally drilled the holes in the seashells I’m using for the Afghans for Afghans vest. I wonder if the little kid who gets it has ever seen a seashell before.

A flat knit vest (pattern from the Afghans for Afghans site) with seashell buttons.

I picked them off the beach in Half Moon Bay over Labor Day weekend. Now I just need to send it in!

I drilled holes in the back and strung them on some sturdy thread.

And finally, I’m knitting something for myself. I started Knit Picks On Deck Pullover on Sunday at U-Knitty and already have several inches (this was taken yesterday morning).

Hope it fits . . .

I’m so excited about this sweater — even though it’s just plain stockinette — that I can’t seem to put it down. I’m using TLC Cotton Plus instead of KP Shine, and my gauge wasn’t coming out. I knit three swatches on different size needles — 6, 7 & 8 — and found the fabric from the 7s to be most pleasing. Laura from U-Knitty helped me figure out the knitty math for casting on. Very helpful detailed instructions are in Stitch N’ Bitch Nation but it really sunk in with first-hand help. Thanks, Laura!

The pattern is not one of those hand-holding kind of patterns. You know the kind: “Row 1 — K2TOG, K98, SSK, K1, K98” etc. This pattern says “Decrease 1 at each end.” What kind of decrease? What do I do? Yikes, who let go of my hand?! So I pulled out my Knitter’s Companion and read about different decreases, which slants right (K2TOG), which slants left (SSK) and figured it out all by my lonesome. Instead of just blindly following a pattern — something I’m quite good at! — I had to learn how knitting works. Cool, no?



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3 responses to “On Clogs, Seashells & Pullovers

  1. I can’t wait to see how those circle b clogs come out. I love that idea. (we have vactioned in Sisters many times!)
    Your vest is really cute. What a great idea to use shells for buttons!

  2. Looks like you’re making good progress on the pullover.

    So I made my first clog and I have a question for you. The part that sticks out around the sole, should that be purl side up or knit side up? Does it matter?

  3. You’ve been tagged by me by something going around the ‘net. Check it out and feel free to participate or not.

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