I’m a Bad Bad Girl

I’m a jerk. An idiot. A complete and utter moron. I’m tempted to even use the A-word because that’s how badly I feel. Yesterday, I ‘tattled’ to my Secret Pal 11 hostess Christine that I hadn’t heard from my Secret Pal yet. Not only had I heard from her — three times, no less — but I’d even responded once!

My pal was very sweet in her reminder about all of this, which made me feel like an even bigger shitheel. Then, to top off all the embarrassment I was feeling, I went to the Post Office last night to find this amazing package from her.

I don’t deserve my super sweet Secret Pal.

It was filled with all sorts of goodies I clearly don’t deserve. Two skeins of my new favorite yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Green Olive, which I would never have picked for myself but absolutely adore nonetheless (my stash seems to consist of nothing but red hues so a little change is a very good thing); soap with a special toy for Freddy embedded inside and a very cool nautical-themed tin of mints. I’m not even going to mention the lovely card because I’ll probably explode from the shame I feel.

Hopefully my pal will forgive me, though I certainly wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t. I didn’t mean to be such a dufus — I guess it just comes naturally. In reality, all of her notes and comments to my blog came during deadline when my memory is never particularly . . . um . . . what’s the word? . . . uh . . . good.

Anyway, HushHush, I apologize for being the worst downline SPer ever! I swear to the goddesses of Secret Pal-dome, that I will never ‘forget’ you again!

Speaking of forgetting, here are Aaron’s finished slippers that I promised last week.

Cross your fingers that they’ll eventually match!

If you don’t remember, I’d finished his slippers, using red for the top of one and brown for the top of the other. Unfortunately, I used two different kinds of wool and they felted differently — the brown shrunk much more than the red, as you can see.


I’ve been crazy busy for the last week and have barely had time to breathe, much less knit. We’re driving to Seattle on Thursday for the weekend, so I’ll be incommunicado till Monday. Have a great weekend!



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3 responses to “I’m a Bad Bad Girl

  1. You can’t possibly be the worst…I’ve seen what the worse have done in the past and yours is nothing in comparison…plus, this post “should” redeem you in both spoiler’s and hostess’ eyes.

    Better days ahead.

  2. Christine

    I’m sure your pal has forgiven you. You are definitely NOT the worst. Believe me, this I know. lol ;o)

    I love the little soap and tin she sent.

  3. SP11

    You are NOT the worst! I assure you!!! Of course I forgive you, it is not a big deal at all. I really hope that you enjoy the yarn especially, I LOVE it. I did choose an alternate color for a reason, if you are anything like me, you list your favorite color and then look at your stash and realize that it is nearly the only color that you have. Diversity is the spice of life…this is yours!!!

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