Just Swatch Me.

Work’s been crazy, which is just one way to say “I’m a lazy blogger.” But I have a few moments now and would like to show ya’ll just why some ‘goody two shoes’ knitters praise the act of swatching. As I’ve mentioned, I’m all over IK’s Hedgerow Coat but can’t for the life of me figure out which yarn to use. I was attracted to the ‘superwashiness’ of KnitPicks Superwash Merino (aka: Swish) but then read of its not-so-super-washiness. So I swatched. Sure ‘nuf, after a quick handwash and blocking, it shrunk by more than 1/4″ from side to side (stichwise, right?). Can you imagine if I’d actually washed it in a machine?


It was superduper yummy soft but it was a little drapey-er (don’t you just love all these new words you’re learning?) that I wanted so I swatched up some Cascade 220, which I really don’t love to knit. Sure, it doesn’t split, and it knits up to gauge, and it’s sturdy, but it’s not that buttery softness of merino. Can you say spoiled? I hated the look and feel of it before washing but I was surprised after blocking how soft it became. Not nearly as soft as Swish, but much more bearable (and wearable). Plus, I was happy with its ‘bounce’.

Just to compare, I then swatched up with what I’m 99% sure is Paton’s Classic (I lost the ball band but that’s what I believe it to be). It worked up similarly to 220 but has just a little less bounce, in my studied opinion.


As much as I hate swatching, I’m glad I did. I was all ready to buy Swish but would have ended up being disappointed. As it stands, 220 is winning the fight . . . for the right . . . to Heeeeedddggeroooow (sung to the tune of a certain Beastie Boys song). Any other suggestions?

Speaking of hot babes, check out my beeeaaauuutiful seester:


Sporting a gorgeous handknit tank (TLC Cotton Plus in Kiwi) that shows off her luscious curves. I’m so jealous!

Ed. note: For some reason my photos are loading. I’ll post them as soon as I can.



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2 responses to “Just Swatch Me.

  1. Okay, so I should swatch…..I’ll try…..

  2. SP11

    I love that shade of red, but the blue is really a beautiful shade too. I hate swatching as well, but as you’ve noted it is very useful.

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