Playing Catch Up

This month has been insane. I keep getting farther and farther behind in my blogging duties — every time I have a minute of free time, I realize that I have so much to report that I don’t have time! So this post will be a hodgepodge that will hopefully get me back on my blogging track.

My great friend Julie came for a visit from Portland right after deadline.


If you can believe it, she hadn’t been on a plane in 10 years and had no idea you couldn’t walk through a security checkpoint with your shoes on! We took her sailing on Tess (before we sold it), enjoyed some of Marin’s beauties and watched a teensytinsy baby quail get hit by a speeding BMW.

We were tooling around the Marin headlands when we saw this flock of quail on the road. We stopped to take a few snaps and generally enjoy their quailness.


This is a tiny two lane road so when I saw a car coming up behind, I put my car in gear and was easing forward to scare the quail off the road. The asshole in the speeding BMW couldn’t be bothered to slow down (“Gee, why is that car stopped in the road?” never crossed his mind) and swept past, plowing right through the little flock. Miraculously, only one baby suffered damage — which we witnessed as it rolled off the windshield and tumbled onto the ground. It was awake and didn’t appear to have anything noticeably broken but it was clearly in shock. We grabbed some napkins (so we wouldn’t leave our scent on it) and carefully tucked it under the shrub its family was hiding in. I’d love to believe it got its wind back and joined its family but I can’t quite make myself do it.

I perked up when Judy from Knit2Purl2 sent my shipping confirmation. What would I get? What would be substituted? The excitement was overwhelming. And then I realized she’d shipped to my billing address instead of the shipping address I’d included. Ah well, what’s a few more days of waiting. YIKES! It was torture, that’s what. But it finally came on Thursday and I got just what I thought I’d be getting. I forgot to take a before shot but this box was crammed with wool. After I pulled my trusty FoodSaver out, this is what was left:


I didn’t vacuum the Lopi because I’m planning on slippers for my bro for Christmas. I want to get them out of the way asap.

Thursday was also the day our friend Marsha dropped in for a quick sail before heading into the City for a convention.


We had a great time, even though I got lost in the crack alleys of SF before I clawed my way out and back over the bridge to the safety of Sausalito!

As far as real knitting goes, I have one last panel to finish and sew on before I can put this puppy to bed, so to speak.


I think he likes it!



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2 responses to “Playing Catch Up

  1. So sad about the little bird.
    Looks like you had a good time with your friends.
    Great idea to use the Foodsaver.
    LOVE the blanket!

  2. Love the blanket! Great idea for the food server too! Glad the bird wasn’t hurt worse though!

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