Guinea Pig

Poor Hubbo! We have a great jazz series that’s played at a waterfront park here in Sausalito. Last Friday we took our dinghy (small boat with a tiny outboard) over to meet up with friends on a big powerboat. Owner of said boat has a thing for fat rats — guinea pigs to be precise. He promptly trotted them out and handed us each one. Pet pet stroke stroke — “Is this all they do?” — and we handed them back. A little later Hubbo started sneezing and then his eye started swelling up like a balloon. You could actually see it swelling. Time to go home!

Of course Hubbo, being a guy, declined everything but allergy eyedrops and a couple Advil: “Benedryl makes me feel goofy.” Sniffling, sneezing, tearing. This was at the height of the swelling:

Popeye lives!

A quick Google on guinea pig allergies shows that it’s not the dander or fur that causes the allergic reaction but the protein from their spit and pee. Eeeeew!

Just so I won’t leave you on that lovely note, I bought a whole wad of Malabrigo and Lopi Light today from Knit2Purl2. So much that I was afraid to tell Hubbo. But when I found they also had the O-Wool used in the latest IK for the Hedgerow Coat, I crumbled. I called Hubbo to talk me down but he was no help. “Buy it! You deserve it.” Wha? Who are you and what have you done with Hubbo? Boy, that’s gonna be a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig box o’ yarn!









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2 responses to “Guinea Pig

  1. oooo, his eyes!!!! I’m so sorry!

    AND, he okay’d super yarn!!! Your man is awesome!

  2. ouch!

    i think it’s the same with cats by the way — it’s their saliva that causes allergies, not necessarily their fur. (i don’t know about the pee).

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