Liar Liar

The last couple weeks have been tragically frantic. Thankfully they weren’t frantically tragic! Most of it is explained on my Tess blog so check it out for all the excuses valid reasons for my failure to blog recently.

Alas, I have no pix of Rob’s blanket, which is just screaming along. He wanted something extra big to fit him so I added a sixth panel and several more repeats of the cable. I have one panel completely finished, four are nearly done (I used up two skeins of yarn for each and then lifelined them till I could figure out how long to make them), and I’m half a skein into the sixth. BTW, he’s learned not to utter anything but high praise about the goldarn thing!

Speaking of high praise, I finally sent Sandy’s Latoya tank to her. This was her response: “I really like it.” Umm . . . like? WTF?! I not-so-gently reminded her that we don’t live in the same state so I would never see her NOT wearing it and she could have just as easily lied and said it was absolutely-without-a-doubt the most gorgeous thing she’d ever laid her baby blues on. Not surprisingly, she amended her statement.


This is the best photo I have so far but she claims she was planning to wear it to work tomorrow and promised to have someone click a snap.

PS: Here’s another shot of Aaron’s disaster slippers.


You can see how much bigger the “shoe” portion of the red slipper is and how small it is on the brown one. Ugh!


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