Felting Faux Pas

There are just some stupid things that you only do once. I, for example, will never again mix and match yarn destined to be felted. Remember Aaron’s slippers? I finally finished them and gave him instructions on felting them. He sent me this photo today.


Seems the recycled red wool I was trying to destash doesn’t want to felt as quickly as the brown Cascade 220. Harumpf! We laughed and I told him to just keep chucking them in the wash and see what happens. If they don’t end up felting enough (or too much, or half of each), I guess I’m stuck knitting him a new pair. <sigh>



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7 responses to “Felting Faux Pas

  1. arlene

    i laughed so hard about these slipppers. boy, can i relate to that. i love your blog. lol. this is arlene from our knitting group

  2. Wow…I haven’t attempting felting anything yet….this gives me giggling pause…..

  3. Ok, I was going to apologize for laughing…but I see I’m not alone.

  4. I hate to laugh but I just have to! If all else fails, fill them with katnip for Freddy Cat.

  5. Freddy could probably fit in the red one!

  6. Rena

    LaDonna, Hi. I don’t get what the commotion is about. I like the way it looks with the pink contrasting like that! (on the slipper on the right of the pic)

  7. Rena

    OH OH! These are a pair! I thought one was inside out or something!

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