Cheron Slippers


I  finished the majority of Aaron’s second slipper last night but couldn’t remember if I’d made the low heel or high heel, so I pulled out the first slipper for reference. Um . . . oops.


The first slipper (red) was done months ago and I completely forgot the color scheme when I started on the second. I just wanted to get the blasted thing finished so I could move on, ya know? Hubbo laughed at me — so did I, for that matter — and said they looked cool. The more I looked at them — and the more I thought about frogging the entire second slipper — the more I thought so too! So Aaron’s gonna get ‘Cheron‘ style slippers. Hopefully, they can live in harmony, unlike Bele and Lokai.




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3 responses to “Cheron Slippers

  1. I don’t know much about Star Trek. Tribbles is about it. I did see William Shatner in person once when he talked at my university. I did not buy the ticket. It was gifted to me. I was not entertained. Oh well…I was too busy watching secret agent shows back then.

  2. That is way cute. Looks like something I’d do.

  3. I giggled right away when I saw those slippers….that, also, looks like something I would do! Your hubby is a true “catch” with such a loving sense of humor…=)

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