Hats for Humans

Like many obsessed with all think knitting, I subscribe to a few e-newsletters. Knitting Daily by Interweave Press is a new favorite. I love Sandi’s writing style (she cracks me up) and the selection of free patterns (they’re good free patterns, people, not some decidedly uncomfortable garter stitch panties or snooze-inducing stockinette bookmark ‘recipes’) and the fact they thought we knitters were important enough to commit a whole staff to this project. I find myself considering their products more earnestly now ā€” I even subscribed to IK. They take me seriously, dagnabit, so I’m happy to spend my ‘yarn money’ with them. The emails/posts are short enough to read quickly but never leave you feeling cheated, and the site/emails are well-designed.

Then there’s Lion Brand’s e-newsletters. Typically filled with ‘ads’ for their kits, yarns or books, and so poorly designed that they’re hard to look at, much less read, I often just skim and chuck them. But today was different. Their feature article was Welcome to the World of Charitable Knitting by Michelle Edwards and it was lovely.

Having just received my copy of Knitting for Peace (follow the link if you want to pick it up for $3.99), I’m all jacked up to knit for charity. But I have a million projects to finish first: Sandy’s Latoya tank, Aaron’s slippers, Hubbo’s blanket, TWO sweaters for me. . . Let’s not even think about Christmas knitting! So my solution is to knit small items when I need a break from the bigger projects. I mentioned one such item in passing recently so I thought I’d show a snap of it.


The design for the hat came from One Skein Wonders and the baby socks, well, who knows. They’re just little baby socks.

While I’d like ya’ll to think I’m this completely philanthropic soul, I cannot tell a lie. I have ulterior motives, namely to 1) reduce my stash


and 2) distract me from big-project-boredom. What better way than to knit for tee-tiny little babies on the freezing steppes of Mongolia or mountains of Afghanistan? My heart swells thinking that maybe, just maybe, my silly knitting will help, in some small way, one tiny little baby survive a cold winter.

The project I took a ‘break’ from was the infamous Latoya. Distractions galore interrupted my knitting but it still only took me a month (or thereabouts . . . who’s counting?) to finish.


Well, almost finish. I’m thinking of adding crab stitch on the armholes for that finishing touch.


Last night, I started Aaron’s second long-awaited slipper, then I’m on to Hubbo’s blanket. When I’m going to get to my On Deck Pullover in TLC Cotton Plus ‘Spruce’ (it’s a little darker and greener in real life), I don’t know.


Fred can’t wait.


PS: I almost forgot to say that I can finally reveal my spoilee for Secret Pal 10 ā€” Alaska Mom Diane from (get this) NORTH POLE! North Pole is indeed a real place (I had to reassure the gal at the post office) and Diane makes it sound just lovely. It was a blast spoiling her!


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  1. I love that shot of Fred….Grace, our cat, hasn’t really discovered yarn yet…she’s still young. =)

    I fully support your knitting for charity – I’ve been interested in Knitting for Peace – let me know what you think of the book and the projects.

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