Call Me Lazy

What can I say about the 4th of July except to say I’m glad it’s over. Hubbo had to keep reminding me “It’s only one day of the year.” And I did have a great day, in spite of the rudeness of others.

We had a lovely breakfast at our favorite place, Anchorage 5 on Gate Five Rd in Sausalito. It’s a ‘local’ place, as opposed to a ‘tourist’ place. Good food, good portions, good prices, good people. We even got to eat outside as the fantabulous weather we’d been having was still holding (note the past tense there?).

I did have to work later in the day, though. Yeah, it sucks to be me. We had to hop on the company’s photoboat and tool around the Bay snapping pix of folks having fun like this


and this


and this.


Actually, it wasn’t till we got back to the marina that the day – or rather, the attitudes of complete strangers – started going downhill. Our raucous ride on the Bay left us sweaty and salty so we ran up for a refreshing shower. What should we both find in our respective bathrooms? Inconsiderate boaters who’d been playing on the beach all day rinsed themselves of the sand that apparently covered every inch of them but didn’t have the courtesy to clean up after themselves. Then, the husband of said family, pokes his head into the women’s showers to holler at his wife. Hello! Get the hell out! I was not amused.

The other strange thing about the 4th is that every boater who leaves their boat to rot for the rest of the year, thinks they own the entire Bay – lord help you if you get in their way! It’s like bumper boats out there when folks start jockeying for the best viewing of the fireworks. Kuh-razy!

But I did get some knitting in. Latoya’s back is D-U-N done and I just have the neckline and straps for the front. I’m determined to get that done this weekend, then finish Aaron’s slippers. After that, I have to start Hubbo’s beautiful cabled blanket but I predict that’s going to be a long project with many breaks in between. Call me lazy.



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5 responses to “Call Me Lazy

  1. Great photos! I’ve had my share of inconsiderate people this week too! Maybe its just the week for it?!
    Have a better weekend!

  2. But, you’ve got some great shots there!

    Hopefully, the same rude people won’t show up at Starb*cks for your knitting group!

  3. Wow, those are beautiful pictures. People can be so amazing sometimes. I think I might have stood next to those boaters for awhile last night at the concert I went to. lol

  4. I love these ocean shots…I can almost feel the spray….

  5. Sounds like scootering. I Vepsa about 200+ miles per week almost year round. Weekends and holidays drive me crazy cause all the people that don’t take motorcycles seriously are out in shorts, tank tops, sandals, no protective gear except the state required helmet, ride erractically, unsafe and/or crazy and most no matter what engine size don’t have their MC endorsement. So the people that put 15 miles a year are the ones that get noticed and ruin the reputation of of the serious riders. I hate being on the road at the same time with them so I know how you must feel on the water. Photoboat looked like a great time!

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