I’ve had a particularly dreadful deadline this month, which explains not only the lack of new posts but the big ol’ cold sore that popped out on my lip. Ack! Anyhoo, I’ll have a longer post on Wednesday — we’re going into The City tomorrow . . . for FUN! — but I’ve got to leave you with a little reunion souvenir. My friend sent me a group shot — who are all those old people anyway? — and this portion struck me as funny. Do these guys know how to hold their beers, or what?




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2 responses to “Incommunicado

  1. Nosy1

    Ah yes….it appears that they’ve had plenty of practice over the past 20 years to reach their current skill level!

  2. ooooo, I get those nasty, stress cold-sores too…I hate them! I hope that you healed quickly!

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