Bovine Bonanza

My Secret Pal sent me another package of goodies. This one was decidedly beef-flavored: Cow card, “Eat mor chikin” cow from Chick-fila, magnets, post-its, key chains and a couple of the inevitable cow crap items: The Original Cow Pie (delish!) and a jar of — ah hem — Cow Poop. These turned out to be chocolate covered sunflower seeds and they were delish too!


Hubbo was bored until I started pulling candy out of the box. Then he became very interested. But I got to it first!


This bushel of bovine booty was Nosy1’s way of telling me where she’s from. You see, this sneaky little stitcher sent me packages and postcards from all over the friggin’ place so it was impossible to pinpoint her location. (Just in case I was too dense to get it, she tossed in a spoiler: a beer mug with ‘Wisconsin’ on it.) She said that California and Wisconsin battle for the Dairy State title, which is silly. I mean, everyone knows California is home to happy cows!

When not obsessing about being stood up in high school, I’ve been tearing up Latoya.


Actually, I made another goof but I think it’ll work out. The traveling rib was made by decreasing the front ribbing. I was supposed to then knit the pattern straight until the piece measured 4″. But I read ‘knit another 4″.’ I caught it after 2″ — the piece measures 5″ — and thought about frogging back an inch but thought better of it. I’m starting the waist shaping so, instead of decreasing every inch, I’ll do it every 3/4″ or so and the total length will be close ’nuff!


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One response to “Bovine Bonanza

  1. Nosy1

    LOVE the tongue shot!!!

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