I normally carry a camera with me at all times. Sorta goes with the job. But last night, when I got home, Hubbo asked when I wanted to go for a sail, before or after dinner. A quick snack later, and we were bobbing off in our little sailing dinghy sans camera. Luckily, I’d forecasted that we might be bobbing for quite awhile due to a complete lack of wind, so I brought Latoya along for company. “There’s no knitting while you’re sailing!” Hubbo exclaimed. “Pffftht to that!” Indeed, I made nearly an inch of progress during that lazy sail but no pix.

I do have pix of some mystery yarn my big bro gave me for my birthday.


It’s 100% wool, hand spun and hand dyed, and he picked it up at a local farmers market. What I love most about it is that when Bro saw it, he said “That’s LaDonna.” And it is. I absolutely loooove the colors and can’t wait to knit with it. But, as I told my SIL, I have to be inspired. I think it’ll end up being felted as it’s way too scratchy to wear but that’s all I know at this point.


WILD TANGENT: It’s been absolutely beautiful here the last few days. Not your normal Sausalito weather — foggy, windy and surprisingly cold — but sunny, fogless and in the 80s. Of course, being the greenie that I am (heh hem), I’ve been biking to work. No, it has absolutely nothing to do with my ever-growing arse, not at all. I’m just being environmental. Yup.

Aaaaanyhooters, I must have had a great big cheesy smile (or a big booger) on my face on the way home last night because nearly every single person on the bike/walk trail smiled right back. These are the days and the reasons I love living here.

Here’s a reason why sometimes I really don’t love it here:


The feeling of entitlement some people have in Marin County is truly mind boggling. “I can’t fit my enormous Hummer in a regular parking space so I’m just gonna park in the fire lane — screw everyone else, including fire trucks.” I see it all the time and it drives me to distraction.

But then I come home to this:




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2 responses to “Pfffftht!

  1. Nosy1

    What a coincidence…I’ve been biking to work this week as well. It’s been unseasonably nice here too. Then again, you don’t know where “here” is for sure, do you!?!

  2. Belly belly belly kat!! And how about using the yarn for a lacey hat? It’s yummy colored.

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