Totally Pawesome

Aaaaah. I’ve finally found the rhythm and I’m groovin’ with Latoya. On Friday night, Hubbo went sailing with a friend (racing, actually) so I had a some uninterrupted alone time to retackle this little bee-atch. I checked every single row before starting the next, just to make sure I hadn’t Moebius’ed it. Now I’m confidently chugging along!

Can you spot my boo-boo? Luckily, it’s really only visible on the wrong side.

I’m thrilled at how much progress I made over the weekend. Especially considering that most of Saturday was spent racing on this same friend’s sailboat. I’d hoped to take a few shots but I was kept waaaaaaaaaaaay too busy. If you’ve never trimmed a spinnaker in a race, you haven’t lived (and you probably don’t have a sore neck from looking up, and sore hands from your death grip on the sheet, and your butt probably still doesn’t ache, even though it’s two days later . . .). Anyhooters, I hoped to get in a few rounds Saturday night but I was too exhausted and my hands hurt too badly for much knitting.

This color is much more accurate.

For the first time in weeks, I made it to U-Knitty yesterday. It’d been so long that I only recognized one gal (shout-out to Arlene)! It was lovely meeting the new ladies and catching up with everyone else who came after me. Laurie’s going to place a bulk order for some scrumptious (I’m not kidding) possum/merino yarn from New Zealand. She was making a sock yesterday and I just about died from the softness. She says it’s really really warm (it’s hollow), highly durable and comes in some yummy colors.

Reading up on this yarn was an education. First of all, the Australian Brushtail Possum is different from what we Yanks call “Possums”. The Pozzum (Oz Possum, get it?) is a marsupial (not a rodent) and was introduced to NZ in the early 19th century for the fur trade. As the fur trade fell off, the pozzums increased greatly in numbers, threatening indigenious species, selectively targeting plant species, eating endangered bird species, spreading bovine tuberculosis, etc. Pozzums are to New Zealand what rabbits are to Australia — a blight.

With no natural predators, pozzums are literally getting away with murder so conservationists are trying to bring their numbers under control. The only way to do that is to ‘humanely collect’ feral animals. Ok, so they’re killing the little buggers. This doesn’t bother me as I’m no vegetarian but I know some folks might get irked by this turn of events. Here’s the conundrum: The Kiwi government is rightly trying to keep indigenious (and endangered) species going strong but ‘invasive’ species wreak havoc on those attempts. What then to do with the ‘invasive’ pozzums? Honestly, I think it’s brilliant to market the fur — increase demand of it and the population of the destructive critter will decrease (the desired result). I for one will happily buy the supersoft and durable yarn while wearing my leather shoes and eating an In N Out burger!


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