Quick n’ Dirty

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I’ve posted. Deadline always puts me in a tailspin. Sometimes I have the energy and time to post, sometimes I don’t. This deadline was definitely a ‘don’t’. For some reason, I felt extreme pressure at the beginning of the week — you know, a sort of “OMG, I just realized I have all this shit to do!” Um, hello? You knew you had all of it to do last week too.

Anyway, I tend to let myself get stressed out in an unhealthy way but I’ve been consciously trying to rein it in a bit. It’s unfair to everyone around me (especially Hubbo) but also to me. I had one meltdown during this deadline and then stopped. No more. It’ll all get done because it has to. If that means missing the American Idol finale, so be it (we all knew who was gonna win anyway, right? I mean after my girl Melinda was booted off — she was robbed!). Yesterday was deadline and the day before I actually took a long lunch with Hubbo and wasn’t even in a hurry to get back to work. Now that’s progress!

Speaking of progress, I’m whittling away on my Faux sweater. Getting close to connecting the two front pieces and beginning on the back. No pix but what’s there to see? I will say that swapping yarn every two rows is working very well to blend the different hued handpainted yarns.

But I did want to share a cool thing I just found. Lion Brand has free knitting e-cards featuring classic paintings of women knitting. One thing I noticed while perusing the selections was that all of these ladies are gonna need some serious chiropractic adjustments if they continue to hold their heads down like that! I do my best to keep my head up — that’s one reason why I taught myself to blindly knit (purling or patterns are a different thing altogether).

We’re taking our big boat to Half Moon Bay this weekend — we haven’t had her out of the slip for months — so have a great one and be safe!


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2 responses to “Quick n’ Dirty

  1. Yes, after Melinda was booted off I ceased to care about the AI show and didn’t bother watching the finals. Have fun with Big Boat this weekend! Float safe!

  2. I stumbled upon your blog when looking for someone that has knit or planning to knit the On Deck Pullover. Love your site. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and are you an Oregon HS grad? Me… McMinnville HS class of 81!

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