I Be Illin’

I’ve been blue for the past several days — probably a combination of Marnie’s death, stress from work and planning my folks 50th wedding anniversary — and couldn’t pull myself out of it. It wasn’t a ‘kill me now’ kind of depression, just a funk.

In the meantime, I’ve been faithfully plugging away on Faux. The left front is complete and I’m several inches into the right front. Construction on this sweater is interesting in that the front two pieces are knit flat, then joined at the neck and then you continue with the back. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that it comes out right!


Just casting on for this sweater has opened a whole world to me. I now have no (well, very little) fear of making a “real” garment so I see patterns with new eyes. Something I wouldn’t have dreamed possible just a year ago is now within reach. All I need is the yarn.

So when I got KnitPicks weekly newsletter featuring their new On Deck Pullover, I knew what my next project would be. Holy cow! I was planning my next sweater just inches after casting on my first!


But what yarn to use? I just assumed I’d use Shine, as it’s affordable and pretty (though I will admit that none of the colors were really ‘me’). But last Sunday, Laura said she wasn’t pleased with how her Shine sweater is wearing and that she had high hopes for the piece she was working on in Lion Brand Cotton Ease. That sent me on another of my silly quests. I needed the absolute perfect yarn, dammit!

I just love the Knitty Coffeeshop. There are so many experienced knitters there and they’re all willing to share ideas and opinions. After asking for suggestions, several people recommended TLC Cotton Plus over Cotton Ease. Cotton Plus has more of a cable construction than a plied one and apparently it feels softer, though I thought Cotton Ease was quite soft.

Ok, so now that I know which yarn to use, I now need to find it at the absolute cheapest price. I tell you, I am not well. Hours of searching site after site — and just maybe getting distracted by other yarns — I found that Joann‘s has the best price on the whole innernet. Funny, when I went to their store, they didn’t have a single skein of Cotton Plus but they had every color imaginable on their site and at a great price ($2.49). Not only that, if you buy more than eight skeins, you get an additional 5% off. But wait, there’s more! A quick Google for “joann coupon” gave me a code (MAYFSA735) for free shipping for purchases over $35!

So I went a little crazy yesterday. I ordered the 7 skeins for my pullover ($16.56), 4 skeins for a highly confidential special something for my seester ($9.46), and 14 skeins of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick (in boring old Denim — the man loves him some blue) for an extra long ‘throw‘ for Hubbo’s new boat ($66.37).


Interestingly, I noticed last night what a good mood I was in. I certainly wasn’t earlier in the day, but buy $100 worth of yarn and I perk right up! You see? I really am ill.


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4 responses to “I Be Illin’

  1. Nosy1

    Yarn is a fabulous form of “therapy”! What color did you order for your sweater?

  2. LOL! I left that out on purpose because I would afraid ya’ll would judge me. Hot Pink. The pix I saw on Flickr of Hot Pink Cotton Plus looked much more magenta to my eye. We’ll see!

  3. ok….now do you remember the email you sent me (quoted anonymously on my blog now) about a certain website? i’ll remind you….www.knittersanonymous.com LOL
    Glad you’re feeling better, knitting has pulled me out of the dumps more than once.

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