Humble Pie . . . mmmmmm.

I guess I must’ve used an old email addy when I signed up for Classmates because as soon as I re-registered, I received a lovely note from coodinator Corie. She’s one of those gems I talked about. I’m still not going but it was nice to hear from someone. Do I act like a four year old, or what? Don’t answer that.

Look at all the wonderful progress I’ve made on my sweater:


Ok, it’s not huge but now I have TWO inches instead of ONE. I’ve picked up a few handy tips so far that I’d like to pass along (though most of you already know them):

  1. When casting on a large number of stitches, place stitch markers on your needles every 20 sts or so. Makes it much easier to count at the end. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to count and recount a large number of stitches. “Did I miss one?” Grrr!
  2. If using handpainted yarn, switch between two balls of yarn every couple rows. You don’t have to cut the yarn, just carry it up on the WS, but it does help with pooling. At first I thought I might like how Faux pools, then I realized that the pooling wouldn’t match when I switched skeins (what I like to call a “DOH! Moment”). You can see distinct pooling at the bottom of the hem, then it switches to more of a random look.
  3. STOP STOP STOP looking at other sweater patterns after you cast on! I’m insane, I truly am. I hate Lion Brand Yarn but they have about a kajillion free patterns and I’ve found two that I like better than Banff. The first is a little bolero out of Homespun, which is a bulky yarn and I don’t want to bother with converting the pattern, but the second is this:


THIS is the sweater I was looking for. To a T. Wide arms, longish, sorta swingy cardigan-style and, best of all, patterned in worsted. So now I’m seriously contemplating frogging everything and starting over with this. What do ya’ll think? About the sweaters, not my sanity . . .


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5 responses to “Humble Pie . . . mmmmmm.

  1. I’d frog it. No sense in continuing a pattern you’d look at forever after and go “If only it were the other one…” when you can just knit the other instead. The perfect pattern is worth a little frogging.

  2. Nosy1

    I agree…knit the sweater you WANT not the sweater you started.

  3. I’d frog it. It’s serendipitous that you were still looking when you started knitting…you found the right pattern!

  4. I’m with the above posters- frog it! You’d probably end up deciding to do it later anyway (ask me how I know!).

    Two inches is not that bad, buh-leeve me.

  5. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibbit!! And don’t look back!

    Knit the sweater you want. Definitely.

    How lovely that you found what you were after! That’s a sharp looking cardi too. πŸ™‚

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