’87 RULES!

My best friend from high school emailed the other day — the ONLY person from HS that I’m still in contact with and she gets all the credit for that — asking if the ‘reunion people’ had found me yet. Huh? What reunion? Holy crap! It’s 2007. That’s 20 years folks. ’87 RULES!

I was living in Portland when my 10 year rolled around. I was thin, gorgeous, had a good-paying job and had just started dating this sailing stud named Hubbo. I had absolutely no intention of going to the affair, though I’d received an invite, but Hubbo talked me into it — I mean, let’s get honest here. Who doesn’t go to a high school reunion to show off a little? Seriously, if you’d been such great friends with these people, you would have stayed in touch in the first place and wouldn’t need a reunion to reconnect.

We passed on the dinner portion of the gathering, meeting up with everyone after for drinks. I was nervous I wouldn’t remember anyone’s names (I’m terrible with names) but I suprised myself. “Hey, Chris! Devin, wassup! Looking good, Kari!” We had a great time connecting with everyone and I felt good about going. And, as I suspected, I didn’t stay in touch with one person there for the next ten years.

Long story short, I won’t be going to this one. First of all, I haven’t heard from a soul about it. That could be forgiven if:

  1. My parents hadn’t lived in the same house and had the same phone number for the last 30 years.
  2. I wasn’t so easily found on a simple Google search (try it out: LaDonna Bubak — FIVE pages of results, at least half of which lead to an active email address).
  3. I hadn’t posted on Classmates.com (the reunion’s official site) to send me info.
  4. We didn’t have just 85 graduates to track down!

Secondly, we’ll be traveling up to Oregon for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary on June 2 and I have no desire to drive up again two weeks later. Thirdly, June 16 is the beginning of our deadline, so there’s just no way. Lastly, even if all of the above was moot, I really don’t care about hanging out with those folks again. Don’t get me wrong, there are some terrific gems there but, like I said, I haven’t talked to a single one in 20 years and I doubt I’ll start now.

To be really honest with myself (and all the internet), there is still a teensy tinsy part of me that would like to ‘show off’ a little, but, for the most part, I don’t feel like I need to prove anything anymore. Those people had little influence on me in HS and have even less now — betchya a dollar most of them feel the same way.

Still, it would’ve been nice to have been invited to my own reunion . . .

PS: I started Banff last night and managed to knock off a couple inches. I transferred it to some scrap yarn and ‘tried it on’. It’ll definitely have less ease than the pattern calls for but it’ll still be plenty baggy.



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2 responses to “’87 RULES!

  1. I got here via your knittyboard post about the sweater (which is cute!), but just had to chime in about your reunion woes. I was ’88, so I have another year to decide whether or not to go, but I never got an invitation to our 10th. Heard about it through the grapevine and went, but never did hear “officially.” Like you, my parents still live in the house we lived in from the time I was 11, I am easily (seriously) easy to find on the internet due to a very unusual maiden name, and all that. Grr. I’m just waiting to see if they “find” me for this one. To go, or not to go…

  2. Oh, P.S., we love to sail, too!

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