It’s My Perogative

That Bobby Brown song keeps running through my head. Isn’t it a woman’s perogative to changer her mind? Well, I did it. I changed my mind. After three hours of hurting my brain with math (and watching Idol), I gave up on figuring out how to use Faux for the Starsky pattern. I hope to knit it up someday but not today. I’ve since switched back to Knitty’s Banff.


I grabbed Stitch N’ Bitch Nation for guidance and figured that my stitch ration (between what the pattern’s gauge is and mine) was 1.4 and the row ratio was 1.3. That would have me casting on 120 sts instead of 80-something for the S/M size. The patterns L/XL size calls for 98 cast on sts. My swatch was about 25 sts and ended up being about 3.5″ wide. I could handle losing a few inches of gauge, I think, so I’m just going to use the large sizing and follow the pattern, adjusting for length, of course (I’ll be sure to check after a few rows to see if it’ll work). I think my weary brain can handle it. Still scary and not my preferred way of doing it but I just can’t find a pattern for a sweater I like with the same gauge as my yarn.

Cross your fingers . . .

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