Dorkus Malorkus

My only goal for this weekend’s race was to NOT finish dead last. I suppose by quitting early, I didn’t technically finish so my birthday wish came true! Instead of beating against the wind the whole way — unusual for this event — we just tucked into China Camp State Park and had a Cinco de Mayo potluck on the beach with some friends. WAAAAY more fun! I can’t believe I didn’t take my camera – dorkus malorkus. Luckily, not everyone was as absent minded as I was. Emmy got this shot of Rob and his buddy The Pirate Pinata.


He was #7 to take a whack at the tiny terror and blew it to smithereens! Half the candy shattered and all that was left of the poor guy was his head.  (Yes, that’s Black Sabbath on his shirt – so proud!)

We had a terrible night’s sleep. The wind had calmed by the time we all stumbled home so the anchorage was pleasant and just slightly rolly. We were gently rocked to sleep, only to be awoken two hours later by waves slapping and wind howling. The chop grew and kept us bouncing around all over the cabin. At 4:30, we both were awake and had a heart-warming conversation about our relationship and chatted about various stuff. I guess we finally fell back to sleep because next thing I knew it was 8:30 and we had to GO if we were planning on catching the tide. I’ll spare the nautical detail but suffice it to say, sailing WITH a strong current is much faster and more comfy than sailing AGAINST a strong current (think salmon swimming upstream).

We had a beautiful sail under Barbie (I named our pretty pink and purple spinnaker), had a fantastic brunch at The Anchorage restaurant, took a nap and lazed about. A perfect birthday, if you ask me! On top of that, no one forgot my birthday! Even my dorky brother, who didn’t actually call me till the next day, thought about it and decided he didn’t want my opinion of him to improve. Now who’s the dorkus?

I dropped by the PO yesterday on a whim and there was a package from Nosy1. Inside was a little birthday cupcake candle and cute little card. She’s so rad!


Now on to some important stuff. That darn sweater is totally buggin’ me. I’ve ‘decided on’ no fewer than SIX different patterns only to reject them for one reason or another.


I feel like the cats on Seinfeld who kept breaking up with perfectly nice people for stupid reasons. The problem is that I don’t want to spend all that time knitting a sweater that I’ll never wear and don’t absolutely love. But I feel like I may have found “The One”. I’ve always liked Knitty’s Starsky but the suggested yarn is bulky and I don’t have enough Faux to double-strand it. Besides, it’d probably be too bulky then. But today I found Lara’s podcast on reconstructing Starsky for worsted weight yarn. Two changes: use the XXL size and decrease 18 times instead of 14. That may just be the ticket! I’ll prolly change my mind tomorrow. . .

For now, I’ll leave you with one cat who’s totally satisfied with his life:


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