Race Ready

We’re racing little Tess in the Great Vallejo Race, the largest inland race in the US. It’s usually a fabulous run under spinnaker — you know, those lovely colorful sails — from the Bay to Vallejo. We’re in the second to last group to start (around 12:25) and will hopefully make it up there before the 8 p.m. deadline! My goal (and birthday wish) is to not be dead last on corrected time. We’ll see . . .

I dropped by the PO yesterday and found this surprise package waiting for me.


My secret pal Nosy1 is DA BEST! I love washclothes but have yet to try the nice soft cotton chenille. And if she thinks I’m giving this one away, she’s got another think comin’! Maybe the next one . . . maybe.

Meanwhile, my search for the perfect cardigan pattern continues. I had two candidates but swatching up the Faux made me realize that there would have to be major MAJOR pattern adjustments and I just don’t want that pressure on my first sweater. I know, I’m a wimp, but at least I admit it. I just want a pattern that will allow me to cast on and go.

My wants:

  • Medium length — no shorties, no superlong ones; just enough to cover (or close to cover) my arse
  • Created for worsted weight
  • A nice foldover collar (I have no clue what to call it — I don’t want a squared off collar that flips up and doesn’t lay down naturally like this or this)
  • Very little pattern work, ie: cables.
  • A comfy cozy sweater to wear over a T-shirt when I get home.

I finally found my way over to MagKnits this morning and there it was, waiting for me all along. I present Sesame:


No stripes, fewer buttons and Bob’s your uncle! I’m sure I’ll get waaaay down the road during the looooong sail to Vallejo — unless Rob actually makes me do something. Ha!

Check it. My birthday is Sunday so a little after 1, I’m gonna blow a whistle or something.  1:02:03 on 05/06/07. Totally rad!



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3 responses to “Race Ready

  1. Nosy1

    Yippee! It made it there before your birthday. I’d read that you were a loose knitter (so am I), so the Addi should be “just right” for the flower washcloth.
    Good luck this weekend!

  2. deknit

    happy birthday!

  3. I thought the very same thing about Sesame. Picked out a yarn yet for it?

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