Nappin’ in Napa

The In Laws came down for a visit and we met them at a resort in Napa. I won’t say which but it was a very nice, um, time share. Let’s just say we were not thrilled to go sit through some hard-sell presentation but dem’s da breaks. It was the In Laws ‘treat’ so we went. I think they pre-qualified us very quickly and didn’t press too hard. Plus Stepdad In Law was feeling ill so that helped us get out relatively unscathed.


We had a nice visit and spent a lot of time doing nothing in particular. I did get in some knitting and finished a pair of socks! No, not the Jaywalkers (more on that in a sec) but a pair of ‘Cozy House Socks’ from One Skein Wonders. I used a skein of the dark purple Faux and they’re just great! I still had a couple yards left at the end.


I did screw up the toe a little but decided to just leave it. Since I did them using the Magic Loop method on one long circular, I knitted both up at the same time. The pattern calls for DPNs so there was a little figuring to do and, when I got to the end, I misread. I thought I was supposed to decrease until I had 5 sts on each needle but it was really 20. I caught my mistake at 12 so, instead of frogging to 20, I just have super pointy toes. No big whoop.


Sadly, I missed the Sunday get-together and I won’t be able to make it this Sunday either. We’re prepping the little boat for a race on Saturday, coming back Sunday. This bums me out cuz I understand we have new members. So cool! I’ll just have to wait another week. 😦

I did make a tough decision this weekend. I’m quitting on the Jaywalkers. I love the yarn and the color but the pattern leaves me cold. I think I was so swept up in the whole Jaywalker phenomenon that I didn’t realize my true feelings. Well, that and the fact that the stupid things won’t fit over my fat feet and kankles! Obviously, I made them in the wrong size. Lesson learned and now I have a big ball of Strawberry Kool-Aid dyed sock weight merino. I see ‘Stash’ in its future!

Speaking of my stash, here tis:


and here:


But most of it’s in the tub, nicely packed in vacuum sealed bags to minimize bulk. Plus, the yarn doesn’t pick up any odors. I highly recommend it as an ideal way to store your stash!


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  1. Nosy1

    I too got swept up by the Jaywalker thing…after knitting two pair (the first as a gift and the second for me), I felt like “been there, done that”, and haven’t knit them since.

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