And They’re Off!

I’ve been slammed with deadline, the boat show and Hubbo’s race and am just now able to find a minute to post the finished, modeled pic of his toque.


I love how it turned out, love the color, love the cables. LOVELOVELOVE it!


And I love how it looks on his handsome head! The true color is much more accurate in the photo below.


And I do believe he was wearing it on the way out the Golden Gate this morning!



My fantabulous Secret Pal, Nosy1, sent me more goodies. This package was postmarked from Virginia, while the last ones (postcards and packages) were sent from Minnesota. What the heck? This chick is trying to confuse me (not hard to do, by the way). Plus she’s all up on her America’s Cup news (or lack of news, as the case may be). Just look at this loot:


The STR colorway is called ‘Lucy‘ which, Nosy1 notes, is named after the famous cat at Wendy Knits. I’ve never been to Wendy Knits before so I had no clue what Lucy looked like. But all night, my eyes were drawn back to this skein over and over again.


What is it about that colorway? As I crawled into bed and I looked at a pic of my first cat Ripley, it dawned on me. That skein of yarn IS a Siamese cat!

Sure ‘nuf, I surfed on over to Wendy Knits this morning and there’s Lucy in all her Himalayan glory! The weirdest coincidence in this whole thing is that my sister has a Himalayan named . . . Lucy! She’s a skosh greyer than the other but still. How weird is that?

Anyway, I love the yarn, I love the whole ‘I Love Lucy’ connotation (Fred? Lucy? Where the heck is Ethel?), and I love that I get all misty thinking of my beautiful Ripley whenever I look at it.



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2 responses to “And They’re Off!

  1. Nosy1

    Can’t wait to hear how Hubby did.
    I’m glad that the parcel brought back memories.

  2. Yup, the STR gals dyed that yarn to match my Lucy — and it does look just like her. 🙂

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