KnitPicks Options

I ordered my KnitPicks Options on April 9. I chose to go with the standard (free) shipping because I already had Hubbo’s watch cap on the dpns and didn’t think I needed them fast. They arrived on April 16 — a perfectly reasonable shipping time, in my mind — and I immediately sat down to check them out.


As suggested by others, I screwed every needle onto all the cables to make sure they all threaded correctly. No problem there and I was happily surprised by the smooth join. They’re not quite as smooth as the Addi join but it’s hardly noticeable, especially considering the price difference.


The tips of the KPs, also as mentioned by others, are also much sharper than Addis but, as a non-finger-poker, I like their pointy nature.

Addi Turbo is on top.

Susan Bates, Addi Turbo, Clover Bamboo & KP Options.

What I found interesting was how much memory the cable on the Addi had compared to the KPs.


Let’s not even talk about Susan Bates or Clover needles!


This is how they all laid out when pulled directly from their packages.


I also went over every cable, as suggested, to see if there were any issues. I did find two cables — one 40″ and one 32″ — that had a ridge near the join. This is obviously an issue with a mold and KP cheerily offered replacements at no charge. I’ll save the cables as ‘spares’ but can’t imagine ever using/needing them.


After I checked everything out, I put the kit together. With no label maker for the pockets, I went the ‘old skool’ route and used a Sharpie to mark which size needle is in each pocket (KnitPicks really needs to figure out a way to mark the needles themselves). Let me say for the record that I’m not a big fan of the case. I don’t care for the bulky ‘dayplanner’ and the storage pocket zippers take up so much room that it gets full quickly. All the built in pockets in the planner itself are pretty much useless with the exception of the sole zippered one. I suppose the others could store patterns but they’re all open, flap-type pockets so anything in them will fall right out. It’s just a cheap dayplanner, pen holder and all, so don’t expect a lot.


I was actually considering buying a fishing lure binder instead of the KP kit but decided against it — it would have been more expensive and I had no idea what the quality was like by buying it online. Until I hold one in my hands, I can’t say I would have done it differently.

After checking everything, I hugged my new KP kit, set it aside and picked up Hubbo’s hat.


The next morning I woke with a thunderbolt — why the heck didn’t I switch from dpns to magic loop?! I did so last night and what an amazing difference!


If you don’t know about magic loop knitting, here are some great instructions. The hat fairly flew on the KPs, compared to my homemade dpns (from Home Depot doweling). Just a few more decreases and it’s done. Just in time for Hubbo’s long, cold and forecast-to-be-wet race on Saturday!


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  1. Great post! Very good pictures, and very useful information about the memory of the cords on the different needles.
    The hat is pretty.
    (Do we get a modelled shot of the Mudflap Girl?)

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