Nosy1 Parker

I’ve been totally remiss in not acknowledging that I have a totally cool Secret Pal. Nosy1 lives somewhere in the middle — where there’s no ‘real’ water (aka: the salty kind) — but somehow she knows about sailing. Hmmm…. She totally ‘gets’ that living on a boat means not having a lot of room to store stuff. So she’s been sending postcards and other small treats to make me feel special. Just look at the booty so far!


There’s a multitude of cards, some chocolate easter sheep (I think I’m definitely the black one), some padlock style stitch markers (that she gently suggested I use on the inside of my poor neglected Jaywalkers so others wouldn’t see that I dropped a stitch way down the line) and some North Sail decals. How excited was I when I got those stickers?!

What is it about postcards? I just get all tickled pink when I get one. Thanks Nosy1!


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One response to “Nosy1 Parker

  1. Nosy1

    More postcards plus fiber to come!

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