Decisions, decisions

Someone on a knitting bulletin board posted a link to Drops, a Norwegian company that sells yarns and goodies AND has a buttload of free knitting patterns. Holy cow! I was pretty settled on knitting up my Malabrigo-esque wool


into Knitty’s Banff


when I found this


Unfortunately, the pattern is translated from Norwegian and is difficult to figure out in a couple spots. Plus, I’d like to knit the sweater all at once (as opposed to knitting it up in pieces) and am totally freaked by the knitty-math. I’ll muster all the old math skilz I can — sad, to be sure — and see if I can work this baby out.

BTW, check out this hot model:


That’s dear ol’ Mom proudly sporting her Cat Bordhi Mobius Cowl. Niiiiiice!



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3 responses to “Decisions, decisions

  1. Mom’s cowl looks great! And the patterns on the Drops site are crazy – there’s a million of them! Have a great day!

  2. Most excellent cowl and cute Mom model!! Aren’t they the best?!

  3. Lovely mom and cowl!

    And fyi, the Drops patterns are just as bad in norwegian. It all boils down to the “tradition” in wich norwegian knitting patterns are written. I think they just assume that one is able to figure out a lot on ones own, and that a knitter has a lot of background knowledge. This is my major reason for loving english language patterns over my native norwegian patterns.

    Good luck in choosing. That “malabrigo” wool is so lovely it will be awsome whatever you do with it I think.

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