Miss Thang

She’s done. I did both armholes before getting the hang of making the trim. The neck hole looked fabulous while the armholes . . . well . . . didn’t. I frogged them both and now all weird ‘stepiness’ is gone. All that’s left is to block her, snap a shot and send it off.

This weekend was, again, filled with boat work. The Singlehanded Farallones race – a race 30-some miles offshore, around some rocks, and back again – is in 2 weeks and we have a month’s worth of work to do! So not a lot of knitting time, though I did make it a priority to show up at Uknitty. Everyone kindly ooh’d over Miss Thang and were very encouraging about my upcoming ‘big sweater’ project.

We’re not much into religious holidays so we celebrated Easter by gorging on awesome carnitas tacos and Thai food. The latter was found at an Asian shopping center some friends had been dying to take us to. We intended to do our long-overdue grocery shopping at 99 Ranch but spent so much time eating and gabbing at the restaurant – and buying goodies at the random shops –


that we had to skip it or else miss the first episode of the last season of The Sopranos! It’s not for everyone but we love it, and weren’t disappointed. Last season’s finale kinda sucked, IMHO, but they were back with a bang – and a great fist fight – with the season opener.

Tonight I have more boat painting to do (inside) but am determined to block Miss Thang and start Aaron’s slippers. I’ll whip them out while I wait for my set of KnitPicks Options circs. Then begins the ‘big sweater’. But I’m torn. Should I knit Banff or Top Secret? If this is the toughest decision I have to make in the near future, I’ll count myself blessed!


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