Ooooh, I’m all but done with Miss Mud Flap Girl! I was wondering about the ugly step-i-ness of the arm and neck holes when I finished reading the pattern and saw I needed to add a crab stitch around them.


Never having successfully wielded a crocet hook (unless you call making miles of ‘chain’ a success), I was a little nervous but it’s turning out nicely.


Unfortunately, my friend is on a boat in Mexico and won’t be coming up for air till June. But, I guess it’ll be a nice surprise for her when she gets to her daughter’s house in the U.S.

When that’s finished, I think I’ll restart Aaron’s slippers. The natural yarn didn’t felt at all on the first slipper (thank goodness I only knit one!) and, strangely, neither did the dark blue.


But the red felted up beautifully so he’s getting all red slippers, since I have a bunch of it. Not sure what to do with the blue and tan — I bought it to felt with. Suggestions? FYI, it’s ‘recycled’ from sweaters and there’s a LOT of it. It’s way too itchy for anything next to the skin. All suggestions welcome!


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