No Knitting for YOU!

We hauled out Tess on Friday for a power-weekend in the boatyard. And that means: “No knitting for you!” (said in the tone of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld). Here’s the before of Tess patiently waiting her new paint job.


She was black with a red stripe and the paint job was seriously lacking, as was everything the previous owner did to this poor little boat. (For more on the refit, check out my Tess blog.)

I spent Friday and Saturday sanding the hull (the shiny black part) with an orbital sander. My arms feel like they’re going to fall off and my back is a mass of knots today.


Yesterday, we painted the bottom with anti-fouling paint (nasty stuff we have to use to keep the barnacles and slime and seaweed from growing), then did the hull. Get ready . . . TA-DA!


I love the color but the paint job sucks. We were scheduled to be launched today so we absolutely had to paint yesterday. Unfortunately, it was blowing like stink which meant 1) the wind blew all the boatyard grit into the paint and 2) the paint dried so quickly, every brush stroke is visible. It really looks awful when you’re standing close to it. We started calling it a 50-ft paint job – it looks great from 50-ft away (which is how far away I was when I took this pic)!

In all honesty, we’re both severely disappointed with the outcome and have decided to consider this the base coat. We’ve already made plans to sand this coat and repaint while we’re in the slip at the marina. That way I don’t have to break my back sanding for two days — I can do a section at a time whenever it’s convenient — and we have more control over when to paint. If we’d had more time, we wouldn’t have painted at all yesterday — we would have waited for less wind. But when you’re in a yard, paying for every day you’re out, you want to get back in the water ASAP.

So that’s what I did this weekend. I was so exhausted every night that the Knitting Nazi was right. No knitting for me!


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