T, A and Naval Lint

That’s right. I’ve progressed so far on the Mud Flap tank that you can see all her goodies! Check it ouuuut . . .


It looks pretty good for my first attempt at intarsia but since I modified the pattern to do it in the round, it was interesting figuring out. I’ve since switched to back and forth to do the armholes, working the girl at the same time.


But as you can see, there’s some tension issues. I’m hoping to loosen her up a bit after by patiently tugging here and there. I s’poz it’s good ‘nuf but I’m not thrilled. Just take a look at her foot.


It’s pulled so far in that you can barely see it. I think I managed to loosen up a little as I went along but that foot . . .

The other thing that has me slightly worried is that the recipient is a teensy tinsy little woman. She so teensy she has to shop in the young boys department for jeans! I worked the XS size but look at the curves on that top. I’m pretty sure my friend is fairly straight up and down. And I couldn’t measure her because 1) it’s a surprise but more importantly, 2) she’s in Mexico! Grrr.

Hope to finish in a couple days – BEFORE we haul out Tess for a paintjob.

OOH! On another, very weird, slightly New Age note, while we were at the boater’s swap meet this weekend, I shelled out $10 for a bracelet.


But it’s not just a bracelet . . . it’s a magnetic bracelet. We all know magnets perform all sorts of crazy miracles – ah hem – and one of the ailments they ‘cure’ is carpal tunnel.

Now I have a titch of the ol’ CTS from years of mousing sans wrist brace. It’s not really bad, but I do wear a brace for any computer work now and sometimes, especially when I’m on the mouse a ton, it acts up. For the last few weeks have been particularly irksome, to the point that knitting compounds it. (Strangely, knitting seems to make it feel better, most of the time.)

So when something professes to cure it — and all for $10! — I’ll give it a shot. So I bought the silly thing, wore it all day and night and — I swear to his holiness the Flying Spaghetti Monster — that I woke up the next morning with NO pain. None. Not even a dull ache. I’m just flabbergasted because I didn’t seriously think it would do anything.

Unfortunately, a controlled study showed that placebo magnets had the same positive effect as real magnets. Eh, who cares! I’ll keep wearing it if my brain will tell my arm to stop hurting. Plus, the entertainment factor with the magnets alone was worth the $10!

This ends today’s segment of “Weird, Even For Her”. Thanks for tuning in! Next week, we’ll explore the possible theraputic uses for naval lint.



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2 responses to “T, A and Naval Lint

  1. The mud flap is coming along great!! I think once you give it a good soak and block it, the girl will be more defined. And you are so lucky to have 2 FSM missionary vessels at your disposal for spreading the word.

  2. I love the mud flap girl tank pattern. I wouldn’t worry too much about the wonky foot, blocking should work some of that out.
    I’m pretty sure the FSM invented magnets or at least placebos 😉

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