Scarf Envy

Plugging away on Mud Flap girl – I’ve made all the decreases and tonight will get to the increases and maybe even the intarsia. Eeek!

Yesterday we went to a boaters swap meet – a bunch of sailors lay out all their junk in hopes some other sailor wants said junk. They usually start pretty early and it was chilly yesterday morning so I wore this scarf:


I bought the cheap-ass yarn on impulse while shopping with my sister at Joann’s or Ben Franklin’s or Michaels for under $5. I can’t recall what the yarn is – some ‘pebble’ junk with thin red fuzzy acrylic and slubs of pink, grey and yellow wool mixed in.


I whipped the scarf out in an evening in garter stitch on size 11s with the intention of it just being a ‘kick around’ scarf.

Around the same time, I knit up this baby:


It’s from Stitch N Bitch Nation – the lovely basketweave scarf. It took a couple months and two skeins of $17 yarn. I love the colors but I have to say, if I were to do it again, I would have chosen a different pattern. The varigated colorway gets in the way of the pattern, IMHO.


But I do love it. I love the colors, I love the length (SUPER long) and wide. Plus it’s toasty cozy warm.

The funny thing about these scarves is that I get 20 times more compliments when I wear the cheap, red scarf. I love the kudos, don’t get me wrong, but no one even notices the other scarf that cost a jillion times more in cash, time and frustration. Yesterday, nearly every woman I saw said “Oooh, I love your scarf!” I even got a good deal on a tiller extension because the seller liked the scarf. Kuh-raaaaaaaaazy!

Because of the swap meet, I missed the Sunday U-Knitty meet up – and ‘missed’ is the correct word. It would have been a wonderful way to unwind from deadline but yagottadowhatyagottado. Wonder if they got yelled at by over-caffeinated psychos again . . .


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  1. The same thing has happened to me. Tons of comments on the “Fuzzy” scarf out of cheap eyelash yarn, shudder. But nobody notices the ones that took weeks or months. By the way I wanted to let you know that I’m running a contest over on my blog in case you’re interested.

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