Progress is slow on Betty Lou’s Mud Flap Girl Tank. I started it a week or more ago as instructed in the pattern – on straights with 80 Cotton/20 Merino yarn. I took it to U-Knitty on Sunday and whipped out about 5″ of stockinette, back and forth, knit and purl. When I got home, I realized I was supposed to start decreasing at Inch Two! Crap.

Frog frog frog.

That night we ‘jammed’ with some friends (Rob’s the musician, I just make music with my clicking needles) and the wife of one is a lifelong knitter. She was very encouraging and kind about my simple tank, and suggested that next time I should knit it on circulars. “Oh, right! Easy for you to say!” I balked. Just the thought of converting the pattern was scary enough but just how the heck do I knit up the front & back? “Just put one side on another needle. That way you only have seams on the straps.” Hmmm. Still sounded pretty scary.

As I continued clicking to the beat, I thought about just how to convert the pattern. Hey, that wouldn’t be so hard. And, of course! I just put one side on a great big stitch holder and pick it up later. Easy peasy!

Frog frog frog.


Aside from a couple purl rows in the round to make sure the bottom doesn’t roll, I’m done purling! I’m looking forward to the challenge of doing the intarsia babe. She’s totally cool. Keep in mind, this tank is for a friend who is well into her 50s!

My other project was a hat that has now morphed into a scarf . . . I think. I hated my hat design and frogged that too. This fun yarn was a gift so I have no idea what it is, other than superduper bulky wool (look how tight it knits up on #19s). Love the colors!


(Ed: How silly am I? They’re #19s not 35s. Doh!) 


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  1. This year I decided to add “Frogged back to oblivion” on my blog. I figured I might as well also keep track of all the rows I knitted even if I did tear the entire thing out or stuff it into the back of my yarn stash storage!! I tried knitting on 35’s once. Just couldn’t do it. I am clumsy enough with the little guys.

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