I just got back from our weekly SnB at a local Starbucks. What a horrible start to the day! We meet every Sunday from 10-12 and it’s usually fairly quiet during that time. After the morning rush, before the lunch rush. There are several tables and one couch w/ a couple soft chairs available, which we never get because they’re usually full. Today, there was one guy finishing up his paper – his Grande whatever was already finished – and only two of us at the time so we sat down there. In the meantime, another gal showed up and we sat there quietly chatting. We weren’t loud but we weren’t whispering either – normal coffee house volume, perhaps even quieter.

Suddenly, the guy jumps up, throws down the paper and says with all the venom he could muster “I’d like you to know the only way I can read is if I do it aloud” as he stomped away! We all sat there stunned! So, Little Miss Smartmouth (me) said “This isn’t a library.” He said “Ok, fine,” sat back down and began to read out loud. So we ignored this fool making a total ass out of himself and continued chatting about Laura’s felted entrelac bag (maybe THIS is what set him off – it certainly blows MY mind!). He finally realized that he’s not bothering us at all and stomped out. We were totally flabbergasted!

But it’s not over. After Guy #1 stomped out, Guy #2 stomps up and told us, also in a particularly venomous voice, that we were totally rude for “hogging” the couch area and that we should stick to a table. Little Miss Smartmouth says “Thanks for sharing. We value your opinion.”

Of course this was the topic of conversation for quite awhile. Guy #1 could have just as easily told us nicely that we were being too loud or bothering him but he chose to be an a-hole. #2 was clearly just irritated that he didn’t get there before us. We certainly don’t want to alienate anyone there because, for most of us, that’s our daily Starbucks.

Is it just us? I talked to a couple other people about it and they too felt that we had just as much right to sit in the comfy chairs as anyone else. We buy the coffee and food, usually more than once. Plus, if we’re at a table in the center of the room, we’re closer to more people (thus ‘disturbing’ more people) than over in the couch area.

I want to know what those guys would have done if a family of three had come in and sat down and chatted. Nothin. But chicks with sticks come in and ‘hog’ the couch? How dare they?! Don’t they know that I – a MAN – gets priority over a bunch of hens?! Sorry to sound so bitter, but that’s really how it seemed.

After all the hubbub died down, we got back to the good stuff – knitting! A couple more gals joined us and the horrible beginning faded a bit (though not entirely). Just look what Laura finished!

Toe up, two at a time on a magic loop. (In the background you can see her to-be-felted entrelac bag on the needles.) Just take a gander at this heel!


We marvel that she and Sushama are such prolific sock knitters. I can barely get the gumption to finish mine that have been a WIP since September.

In a polar switch from the two assholes at the beginning of our meeting, these three munchkins were fascinated with our knitting. The boy in the middle knows how! The one on the left asked some very intelligent questions and was particularly interested in my felted bag. Susan did a wonderful job explaining everything.


I don’t know where we’ll sit next week but I’ve told the story and asked opinions on two separate knitting boards. If you want to see what others have said click here and here.

In the meantime, I’m going to get me some kitty-love!




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6 responses to “Creepazoids

  1. HA!
    *batting eyes* Why, Thank You, Mrs. LaDonna for your kind words and compliment. *blush*

    I would gladly move to your neck of the wood to kick some schmucko butt, just throw in one of those yacht hotties from your header logo and it’s a deal! Mmmmk? :*

  2. You got it, you have every right to sit there, they were just pissed off they didn’t get there first, the same kind of people (It’s not just a guy thing) think they don’t need to stop at a stop sign & speed up through yellow lights. They are more important than the rest of us.

  3. We take over the east side of the Starbucks that is located in the local Barnes and Noble every Friday night from 6:30 pm until the lights go out. (for at least the last 2 years) We grab a table or two plus defend a table for a family of six that usually comes and reads together over their Friday night coffee drinks. We’ve even had people that don’t sit with us start grabbing tables for us before we get there (if we are all late) because they know we are there every Friday. We spend zillions of dollars on food, drinks and reading materials so Starbuck and B&N never complain and we’ve never had anyone be rude to us.

  4. sk

    all I can say is…. it’s Marin.

  5. What is it about KIP that makes people so hostile? I keep getting nasty comments on the subway when I’m knitting, taking up just one seat for my one butt while others occupy seats with bags and packs. Something about women with pointy sticks must make men nervous! LOL

  6. Wow, sorry to here about the nastiness at the Starbucks. I think you handled it well, probably better than I would have! Cute socks too.

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