Monster Bobble

Jody from the U-Knitty group gave me a great big cake of the most colorful uber-bulky yarn a few weeks ago. I’ve been looking at it and looking at it, trying to decide what its destiny is. I finally decided to it was meant to be a hat. It could could also just as easily have become slipper socks but I wanted to dabble in designing a hat.

I don’t have dpns big enough for this yarn and I didn’t really want to invest in any so I’m knitting this flat and will seam it at the end. It’s so multicolored that hopefully it will just look like a ‘design element’. Last night the boys (our friend Little Aaron is visiting again) watched as I patiently tried and frogged several different stitches until I came upon a look I liked: 1 x 1 rib for the first 2 rows. Then on to stockinette.


I want to incorporate bobbles in the hat so I knit 3 sts into 1 st every 5 sts and then p3tog on the way back. I’m not thrilled with the effect. The bobble is way to small and flat. I want a hurkin’ blob popping out of this thing! I think I’ll try k3 into 1 st, return to left needle and k3tog. If that’s still too flat, I’ll k3 into 1 st, turn, p3, turn, k3, turn p3tog. That’ll be a MONSTER bobble (heh heh, that sounds like that depressing Halle Berry movie!).


I sorta feel like Eunny Jang with my mad design skilz!


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